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Acts of kindness advent calendar

This year I’ve decided to do an “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar. The chocolate ones with their little doors were great when I was a child but it’s been years since I’ve had one of those. The more adult alcoholic versions look fun, apart from the obvious extra cost they just aren’t available on this island. I’ve seen these around the web over the last couple of years and decided a couple of months ago to do my own version.

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#myGreekislandlife – November is here

The last couple of weeks of October have disappeared in a blur of sunny days out exploring the island and meeting up with friends. Chilling out at home with my husband, walking the dog and preparing for winter.

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Out & About

World Tourism Day in Rhodes – where, what, why and when?

Tuesday September 27th is UN World Tourism day promoting responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism around the world.

Greece is not renowned for it’s accessibility, with 227 inhabited islands most of which can only be reached by ferry. Their inaccassability is part of their charm and one of the reasons that many have managed to remain unspoilt during the sweep of cheap mass tourism that spread across southern Europe.

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Undiscovered Rhodes: 10 places to visit away from the crowds

The island of Rhodes has lots of well known tourist spots but there’s also a lot that’s undiscovered by the main summer tourist crowds. Away from the main resorts there’s a very different island to be found. Beautiful places that haven’t changed for decades, where you’ll receive a warm welcome in local tavernas with real Greek food. Discover beaches where you won’t be falling over people to get to the clear blue waters. Find hidden camping spots and beautiful walks.

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Romantic Kastellorizo the perfect escape

Kastellorizo is the perfect place to get away from the world for a couple of days, a romantic backdrop to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It’s a place that few people of heard of and even fewer go to. If you want to escape from the crowds and really get away from the world this is the place to go.

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Tried & Tested

Spicy lentil stew recipe

Looking for a healthy warming winter dish? This vegetarian lentil stew will spice up your cold evening and satisfy a hungry man.

As autumn turns to winter in the northern hemisphere November is a time when stews, crock pots and soups take over from the salads of summer. Here on the island the days are still reaching 20C in the sun but the nights are definitely getting cooler. People have started lighting fires in the evening and everyone is getting ready for the much cooler months of January and February.

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“Jaffins” chocolate orange muffin recipe

Chocolate and orange are just so delicious together. With the oranges beginning to ripen on the trees putting them into muffins just seemed like the right thing to do.

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Beetroot garlic dip recipe

Beetroot – παντζάρι – is a wonderfully versatile vegetable and found in lots of Greek recipes. Originally only the greens were eaten the small root was used for medical purposes in ancient Greece. Later the larger bulb developed and the beet as we know it today. I was first introduced to it by a friend from eastern Europe who would always have some as a side dish or pickled.

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Blue cheese, chive & walnut scone recipe

Scones and muffins are something we love for breakfast and are great to have as a snack on the go on a busy morning. As summer comes to an end I’ve been watching the Great British Bake off and it’s time to start baking at home again.

There was some gorgonzola on offer at half price in the supermarket the other day so I couldn’t resist finding a way to add that flavour into a scone. Looking at what was in the cupboard and the herb pots I came up with blue cheese, chive and walnut.

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