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A wife and friend, with just the right blend of crazy, 4 countries in 10 years. Now living on the Greek island of Rhodes

Experience the Jungle Tour of Rhodes

If your looking for something a little different to do away from the beach then the Jungle Tour of Rhodes could be for you. Escape for the day and let Nikos Papas your guide take you to a very different side of the island.

I joined The English Speaking Association of Rhodes on a trip into the jungle near Archangelos. A fun day out that is suitable for all ages, but it’s a not a trip for everyone. You’ll need a sense of humour, a sense of adventure

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Greek Easter on Rhodes an expat perspective

If you find yourself in Greece during Easter expect something a little different. There’s very little chocolate in the shops and hardly any bunnies at all.

Easter here is a serious religious event with a week of events all centred around the church.

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Experience the Orange festival on Rhodes

The orange festival at Massari is an annual event on the island, it usually happens either the last Sunday in March or first Sunday in April. Dates of many things here depend on religious festivals and lot of those move, either check in the local press, social forums or look out for the banners that appear on the main road and roundabouts between Massari and Malona.

One of the larger festivals on the island and happening outside the tourist season, it’s a traditional local festival. Free to enter, go with a group of friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Last weekend was a great turnout with locals and expats coming from all over the island to help celebrate the orange harvest.

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What’s open on Rhodes in April

Rhodes tourist season begins officially with the start of direct flights from around Europe on April 1st. The weather in spring is warm and sunny with great deals available on early flights come and see what the island has to offer.

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My Greek island life: sunshine, flowers & festivals

After the storms of last week, this one has been wall to wall sunshine. A little chilly at times with a cold north wind but beautiful. It’s been a good week to get out and get things done, around the house in the garden and in general.

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Celebrating Women Travel Bloggers

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in our world and also remember that for so many every day life is struggle just because they are women.

The theme this year is #BeBoldForChange share the hashtag and see what’s going on where you live.

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