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My Greek island life: sunshine, flowers & festivals

After the storms of last week, this one has been wall to wall sunshine. A little chilly at times with a cold north wind but beautiful. It’s been a good week to get out and get things done, around the house in the garden and in general.

My Greek island life Clean Monday and March sunshine

This week was end of February and beginning of March, the end of winter and start of Lent. It’s a time of year for spring cleaning, gardening and painting. The island starts to wake up from winter and everyone gets ready for the tourist season ahead.

#myGreekilsandlife – τάβλι (tavli)

This picture was taken on Friday afternoon at Rhodes airport arrivals. October is the last month of the summer season here, direct flights from Europe and further start to dwindle as the last few visitors come across to enjoy the glorious weather at this time of year.

With a few clouds in the sky, warm sunny days and cool evenings it amazes me how few people visit in Autumn. The sea is still warm from the months of intensive summer heat and the beaches are quiet.

#myGreekislandlife – a moment in history

Sometimes there are moments that are captured on camera that really tell story. I regularly see this man driving his handmade contraption around the village roads and in the hills. Often his wife is sat by his side, they are always smiling and greet everyone with a wave as they pass.

It’s not a perfect picture. The light and shade were all wrong. For me though it’s the story that it tells.

#myGreekislandlife – sand lilies or sea daffodils?

Nature is always impressive and never fails to surprise me with it’s beauty and strength. This week was no exception, with the first rains of autumn there are signs of spring like growth all over the island.

These flowers are the exception, they appear between August and September in many place across the region, on this island I’ve seen swathes of them each year along the long stretch of Afandou beach. This week they were there again.

iPhoneography – My Greek island life

With the heat of August now finally a memory it’s time to get back to work and back to blogging for me. There’s going to be more regular recipes, travel pieces, pictures and updates of life on the island.

Καλό μήνα (Kalo mena) – my Greek island life

It’s April already! Καλό μήνα (kalo mena) literally means “good month” and was a greeting heard lots around the village today.

Buddies – my Greek island life

When the clocks change everything gets thrown out of whack for a while. Now though I can’t believe how lucky we are, sat outside on the patio, it’s nearly 7pm, the sun is still shining on the little church and its warm enough to be in a t-shirt. The cold wind of the last few days has gone and it’s been a perfect warm spring day.

A favourite – my Greek island life

The last 2 days have been so different weather wise. Yesterday was sunny with Apollo finding it so warm on the beach he went for a swim. He started by just walking in up to his tummy and was delighted when I threw his toy in. The first swim on this season. I’m sure they’ll be many more but it will need to be a little warmer for me to join in.

This is new – my Greek island life

Today has been a beautiful warm and sunny spring day on this Greek island. It’s also been World Poetry Day. One of my favourite poets is Maya Angelou she wrote this poem in 1995 for UN anniversary and in it gives us hope that humanity will find a way to live in peace with each other and the planet.

Movement – my Greek island life

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Cooking – my Greek island life

The last 2 days have been mainly taken up with cooking and then selling the produce to raise funds for the Rhodes GCWS. A locally based cat charity that runs a neutering programme.

Fruit – my Greek island life

‘ve had a very productive day here. With lot of sunshine it felt a little warmer today, though the cold wind is still here. It’s definitely moulting season for the animals. I’m not an enthusiastic cleaner, it gets done but I can’t say I get over excited by the idea of dusting. Over the next few weeks the hoover will need to come out daily but at least it’s made a little easier with a good hoover

Gift – my Greek island life

Every day that we get of life is a gift. Though we often forget that when caught up in the routines of our lives. Doing the washing up, going to work, cooking dinner, walking the dog. They become mundane occasionally we are reminded of the gift we have.

Today’s prompt was ‘gift’ so I spent a lot of the day thinking about the different types of gifts that life gives us.

People – my Greek island life

Today started out very wet, the rain finally arrived overnight and has continued on and off all day. It was a good excuse to stay at the computer and catch up on emails and paperwork.

This is funny – my Greek island life

Today was the main day for carnival parades in Greece. This village along with many others across the country had a parade. There were simple floats made from old cars and vans, costumes and music.

Abstract – my Greek island life

Today has been warm and dry, though the sun was missing with the sky greyed out with the African dust or Afrikaniki skoni. With rain forecast for tomorrow night and Monday there's a good chance we'll get some red rain. The red dessert dust is brought down with the...

Clouds – my Greek island life

Today has been warm and sunny, it feels as if the island is warming up ready for summer. The prompt of ‘clouds’ would have fitted better yesterday as the island had lots of different types. And my day was under a cloud.

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