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I love cooking for family and friends, trying out and testing new recipes. Using fresh local ingredients and keeping things healthy for my family.

Chicken gyros recipe

Everyone loves Greek food and that includes their very own fast food gyros (γύρος). The word gyros means ‘turn’, the meat is packed onto a vertical spit and grilled as it turns, very similar to the Turkish doner and the shawarmer of the Middle East yet distinctly Greek. Slices of either chicken or pork are wrapped in pita bread with a good dollop of tzatzi, slices of fresh tomato, sweet red onion and a few fries.

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Spicy lentil stew recipe

Looking for a healthy warming winter dish? This vegetarian lentil stew will spice up your cold evening and satisfy a hungry man.

As autumn turns to winter in the northern hemisphere November is a time when stews, crock pots and soups take over from the salads of summer. Here on the island the days are still reaching 20C in the sun but the nights are definitely getting cooler. People have started lighting fires in the evening and everyone is getting ready for the much cooler months of January and February.

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“Jaffins” chocolate orange muffin recipe

Chocolate and orange are just so delicious together. With the oranges beginning to ripen on the trees putting them into muffins just seemed like the right thing to do.

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Beetroot garlic dip recipe

Beetroot – παντζάρι – is a wonderfully versatile vegetable and found in lots of Greek recipes. Originally only the greens were eaten the small root was used for medical purposes in ancient Greece. Later the larger bulb developed and the beet as we know it today. I was first introduced to it by a friend from eastern Europe who would always have some as a side dish or pickled.

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Blue cheese, chive & walnut scone recipe

Scones and muffins are something we love for breakfast and are great to have as a snack on the go on a busy morning. As summer comes to an end I’ve been watching the Great British Bake off and it’s time to start baking at home again.

There was some gorgonzola on offer at half price in the supermarket the other day so I couldn’t resist finding a way to add that flavour into a scone. Looking at what was in the cupboard and the herb pots I came up with blue cheese, chive and walnut.

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Goats cheese and chive frittata recipe

Goats cheese has a soft subtle flavour and it’s good for you too. Lower in cholesterol than cows milk cheese yet still full of calcium and vitamins. This recipe is great to share for breakfast, or as a light lunch or supper with a salad.

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Cretan dakos salad recipe

This classic Cretan salad is a filling summer lunch or supper with fresh organic locally grown ingredients. Simple, tasty and great when the days are getting warmer and you really don’t want to cook.

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Cheese scone recipe

This is a very quick and easy recipe to make, with very little fuss you’ll have warm tasty cheesy scones for any occasion. We like them for breakfast or an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

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Greek muffin recipe

A light tasty and healthy breakfast. It’s easy to eat on the go and just happens to taste great warm straight from the oven or cold the next day. They also freeze well.

This is one of my favourite breakfast recipes and a great way to keep clear of all those processed foods. If you make a batch that’s breakfast for a few days done.

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Turmeric ginger citrus tea recipe

For a great boost to your immune system in winter. This detox tea is just what we all need after the excess of Christmas. It helps to combat all those niggling coughs and sniffles and gives your system the extra vitamins it needs to fight off the winter bugs.

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Cauliflower broccoli cheese soup recipe

It's winter soup weather. Creamy, tasty and low carb this couldn't be much easier to make. Broccoli and cauliflower are in season here right now and make a good hearty soup without the need for potatoes to thicken them. I always make a big pot. Half is frozen down and...

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Orange & Ginger marmalade recipe

During the coldest months of the year it's also orange season on the island. The trees are heavy with fruit everywhere you look. As we head into a new year I'm trying to get us further away from processed food. I'm going to try replacing all those jars and cans with...

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Spicy Tomato Jam Recipe

Looking for different ways to preserve tomatoes and healthier alternative to tomato ketchup I decided to devise a tomato jam recipe. More like an extra thick sauce with all the bits and goodness still in there. We like a bit of hot spice in our sauces so this had to...

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Low Carb Bacon Barrels

These are delicious bacon wrapped around mince stuffed with cheese and spicy veg. A couple of days ago I saw a picture on Facebook of some meat wrapped around a beer can and shared in with my husband. After comments from his friends we decided to have a go. The meat...

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Low Carb Mushroom Burger

Healthy and delicious, my husband made the most amazing burgers the other day. Bread is one of the things that people sometimes miss when eating low carb so finding alternatives is always good. The butchers here have very good meat and the burgers they make are pure...

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Lemon herb salt

I'm still finding ways to use up the lemons from our bumper harvest. This idea came from a Pinterest picture I found a while ago, with herbs, salt and lemon rind. I like the idea of having flavoured salt around for summer BBQs. We picked up some small jars in Ace and...

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Low Carb Cheese Scones

Looking for something low carb, tasty and quick and simple to make? As the weather has continued to be wet a wintry in Rhodes this week, it's been a time for warm comfort food and soups. I wanted something to dunk in the soup and use to snack on with ham or bacon....

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Hi, I'm Amanda
Hi, I'm Amanda welcome to the blog

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