It’s April already! Καλό μήνα (kalo mena) literally means “good month” and was a greeting heard lots around the village today.

A busy day here started with making lemon marmalade, the tree is full of lemons again this year and also now in bloom so it’s time to use up all the fruit and let the tree concentrate on making new ones for next spring.

There’s slices being frozen down for drinks in the summer and I might just have a go at making lemon cello again this year, the last batch was great.

There’s one thing I never knew about lemons. As soon as they are picked from the tree they start producing the most amazing oil from the skin. If you rub it on your hands it makes them beautifully soft. But within 10 minutes the oil is gone. Unless you are lucky enough to pick a lemon you’ll never experience this and we certainly wouldn’t if we hadn’t come to live here.


lemon in the lemon tree with blossom

I’m thinking gin and tonic?

lemons boiling in saucepan

this is the easy part

3 years ago this week we were house hunting on the island during the short Spring break I had from work. Neither of us then thought we’d still be here after 3 years and we’re definitely not complaining. Another 3 my husband will now be back in 3 weeks time. The last 3 seem to have gone much quicker this time.

I think it’s a combination of the good weather and lots to get done around here ready for summer.

Today’s prompt was ‘yellow’ and there’s plenty of yellow around at the moment. With flowers growing wild, flowers in the garden and lots of bits and pieces. Even our toaster is bright yellow. I decided to post to the fms Facebook page early as there was so much to do today so put up the picture of the lemon on the tree.

Tomorrow there is a fundraiser in Pefkos to raise money for the local Gennadi hospital, I’ve been busy making lots of stuff from marmalade and chilli jam to Greek muffins and chocolate cherry brownies, the house smells great. I’m trying to get back on track eating healthy so everything baked is made using local olive oil and honey instead of butter and sugar.

Then there’s been the chutneys on order for Oasis in Pefkos, there was almost a panic at one stage as not all the fresh ingredients were available on the island yet. I try to keep everything I make as local as possible, so there are times when things just aren’t in season, with a colder snap earlier in the year some vegetables have been a little later.

As it’s Friday it was guitar practice/lesson today. It’s a fun way to get together with a few friends and I think I may even be getting a little better at it!

While I was cutting up shred for the marmalade mum and dad came over and helped cut back the back garden. There’s something about the large strimmer that scares me, I don’t know if it’s because it’s petrol powered? But there’s no way I could ever bring myself to work it or a chain saw either for that matter. But dad was more than willing and the grass had grown to waist height. D only cut it back just before he left, a little water and lots of sun means everything is growing like mad at the moment.

Yesterday I spotted my first tourists of the year in Pefkos, they were at Coralli’s. With the weather now so warm it’s a wonderful time of year to be here though they are the only place open so far at this end of the island. There’s been lots of talk of the season getting extended but very little sign of it so far.

Renovations around the area are moving on and the Finas hotel is starting to looking finished in places. It’s amazing just how quickly they do manage to get things ready. Just as you think something won’t be finished in time they seem to manage to sweep up the last bits and put the paint pots away just as the first guests arrive and everything looks amazing.

wild daisies

wild daisies near by

yellow painted pebble

painted pebble in the garden

wild daisy with a bug

this one has a visitor

yellow wall sun

must get this hung up soon

yellow and blue mugs

our coffee mugs

yellow cape daisy

cape daisy in the garden

yellow kmix toaster

yes the toaster really is yellow

yellow marigold

marigold always a bright colour

My favourite ‘yellow’ is the cape daisy. At the moment the plants are looking so good and really cheer up the whole garden. However as far as yellow things go the lemons growing on the tree are pretty amazing. I must admit that I do miss daffodils. What’s your favourite spring plant?

lemon in the lemon tree with blossom

I’m thinking gin and tonic?

Aslan has just come in the bathroom window with a large rat. It’s that time of year again. He’s so good at catching them and so proud of himself. They make rats huge here and I wonder how he manages to get them through the window bars?

It’s time now to switch off. The brownie has cooled and needs cutting up ready for tomorrow and if there’s time in the morning I might make some cheese scones too.

I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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