4 years ago we checked in lots of suitcases and 3 cats at Doha airport and began our Greek adventure. We had no idea how long the adventure would last. We thought maybe a year and then we’d be moving on. But, 4 years later and one more house move, we’re still here.

This morning I’ve been looking over the 4 years of pictures we’ve shared on Instagram. The daily snaps of life and what we’ve been up to from animals to food, beautiful scenery and fun with friends. Here’s the highlights of those 4 years and you want to see what happens next join us over on Instagram.

We’ve made new friends and had precious years with my parents. We’ve adopted a big old soft German Shepherd called Apollo. We’ve welcomed visitors to our home and island. We’ve still got all 3 cats who have settled into life as a Greek cats, climbing olive trees, catching rats and snakes, teaching the dog how to behave and keeping their human slaves amused.

Yes our Instagram account has many pictures of the animals these are a few of my favourites, a beach BBQ with friends in the winter and us in the village carnival.

We’ve learnt how to grow things and make things and live a much more frugal happy life. We’ve grown into our middle age and mellowed a little. We’ve learnt how to relax and enjoy life without the excessive trappings of a consumer driven world. Life here can be much simpler and so much more rewarding. You are more aware of the seasons as produce becomes available either in the shops or in the garden.

We’ve been amazed at how well everything grows here we’ve got herbs and fruits, vegetables and flowers. I’ve made chilli jam, flower wreaths, lemon cello and next we’re going to try and make wine.

I’ve learnt that I can break now but also that I can heal. We’ve found a place where people help other, a neighbour got a truck stuck on concrete and we had a jack hammer, he then gave us a box of vegetables. Life here is like that.

The island has changed, we’ve seen more building going on and roundabouts appear. The new port completed and the airport sold off. Greece has been in the grips of the craziness of Troika but here on the islands we are sheltered from the worst of it. We’ve helped refugees landing on beaches, handed out food and clothes. Seen the horrific conditions in refugee camps and felt helpless while Europe closed it’s borders.

We’ve seen joy in faces of those who came and moved on to a better life. We met some wonderful people who came together and really made a difference. For now the refugee situation has quietened down, but these islands will always be border of Europe and a place where people land.

As tourists arrive the island wakes up and then goes back to sleep again 6 months later. We didn’t really know what life would be like here. We’re not tourists and yet still are in the many ways. For the last four years my husband has worked away for 6 weeks at a time and then come back for 6 weeks. For us each of those 6 weeks together we’ve had adventures and discoveredย the places away from the main tourist areas and learnt more about the island and it’s history, from Italian architecture in the mountains and main town to temples on mountain tops. We’ve explored a few other islands and a little of mainland Greece and now the list of those we want to see gets longer.

We relaxed in the Mani and climbed around temples and crossed the Corinth Canal. Enjoyed the traditional festivalsย of the island they are all celebrations of harvests we’ve been to the orange, souma, strawberries and apricot ones here and went to Symi for the shrimp one. Spent 3 days exploring Samos and one wonderful night in Kastellorizo. Winter was a time to find snow we found it on the white mountains of Crete and then last year here. Looking back at the pictures this really is an amazing part of the world.

Now my husband has stopped working in Africa and is contracting in Scotland. He’s still going to be away a lot but hopefully with better connections the journeys he makes won’t be quite so long. There is change in the air but we don’t yet know what form that will bring. What ever happens next and wherever our journeys take us we’ve had an amazing 4 years.


The highlights of 4 years living on a Greek island

Have you ever dreamt of living on a Greek island? If you’re thinking about making a move but you’re not sure, our advice is just go for it. For those who do live here what advice would you give anyone who’s thinking of moving here? If you found this interesting and enjoyable please comment and share. Thank you

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