Patmos, a small island of just 45km, is the northernmost of the Dodecanese chain. It’s shaped a like a complex jigsaw piece which means that around every corner there is another cove and another wonderful beach. The island is roughly split in two with Skala the main port in the centre, from the top of the monastery you can see the whole island.

With over 20 beaches you could easily visit a different beach every day or just find your favourite and keep going back. We set out to explore the beaches finding a mixture of sand and pebbles. I prefer pebbles on the whole as it’s a lot less messy but as you’ll find here there are some beautiful sandy ones we like on Patmos too. Some are easy to reach and others hidden away here’s the 7 beaches we would go back to.

The 7 best beaches of Patmos revealed

7. Lambi beach

A long pebble beach backed by tamarisk trees that offer shade. Lambi meaning shining refers to the sparkle on the water and coloured pebbles that the beach is famous for. With a fish taverna and rooms to rent it’s a wonderful beach to relax on. In July and August it can get busy but in June we had it all to ourselves. There used to be a lot more of the coloured pebbles and today there’s a warning sign, don’t take them home.

While you are there, look out for Platis Gialos and the church of Transfiguration dating from the 16th century, another piece of the biblical history of Patmos.

Getting there:

By hire car take the turn left after the turning to Kambos beach. If it’s not too hot you can walk there in around 25 minutes from Kambos beach. Alternatively, when the weather permits you can get a boat from Skala.

Patmos Lambi beach

6. Agriolivadi Beach

A family friendly beach with shallow waters and a mix of sand and small pebbles. Backed by tamarisk trees so you can avoid the sunbeds but still get some shade. There are also watersports available at this very popular summer beach with a taverna and bar there’s something for all the family.

Getting there:

By hire car approx 2km north of Skala or a 20-minute walk.

Patmos Agriolivadi beach

5. Kampos Beach

One of the busiest and most organised of the beaches on Patmos, rows of sunbeds and a choice of watersports awaited us here. The shallow waters make it popular with families and there’s a selection of tavernas along the back of the beach. If you want to avoid the crowds come in June when we found it virtually empty.

There’s also a pretty square above the beach with tavernas and a picturesque church and a small shop. The area also has a good selection of places to stay.

Getting there:

By hire car, 5.5km from Skala or there are regular buses running throughout the day.


Patmos Kampos beach

4. Vagia Beach

A long pebble beach with a few tamarisk trees for shade at the end of a short steep drive. A good place to go in August when the waters here are said to be cooler than elsewhere around the island. There’s nothing on the beach, the nearest cafe was halfway up the hill. We stopped on our way back finding a shaded terrace, small garden with tables under the trees, good coffee and wonderful homemade cakes.

Getting there:

By hire car from Skala and only 1km downhill from the bus stop at Kambos.

Patmos Vagia beach
Patmos cafe Vagia
Patmos greek coffee and dipla at Vagia cafe

3. Meloi Beach

This sandy beach with crystal clear waters is a popular spot close to Skala. With shallow waters, it’s great for families. A wall along the back of the beach separates the beach from the parking area and is lined with tamarisk trees so there’s plenty of shade. At the back of the beach is a good sized family taverna open during the summer.

Close by is the only camping ground on the island, closed at the moment and under new ownership, it’s hoped it will reopen soon.

Getting there:

Just a 15-minute walk from Skala makes this beach popular for those without transport.

Patmos Meloi beach
Patmos Meloi beach

2. Livadi Geranou

This long curve of beach, backed by Tamarisk trees offering lots of shade, is a mix of sand and small pebbles. The small islet of Agios Georgios protects the bay and makes it a wonderful place for swimming with crystal clear blue waters. For the more adventurous there’s also a small beach on the islet, but with strong currents, it’s only for good swimmers.

There’s a small taverna on the road out of the beach open during the day in summer only. When we were there we found a wonderful old Greek house just on the beach. I could imagine living there and setting up an artists’ retreat with the meadow to camp in next to it.

Getting there:

By hire car, it’s 12km from Skala or a 50-minute walk from the bus stop at Kambos. Alternatively, you could catch a fishing boat from Skala.

Patmos Livadi Geranou beach
Patmos Livadi Geranou beach

1. Psili Amos

This beach is an adventure and an escape. Rolling sand dunes, lots of tamarisk trees and one small taverna, the cove is a little piece of heaven. The taverna gets its deliveries by donkey, so I say adventure as it’s not easy to reach, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming very popular in high season. We were there in June and almost had the place to ourselves.

This area of the island is subject to the Meltemi winds, which can blow in the afternoons from May to September, when in full force the sand will be whipped up you’ll need some shelter or head to a pebble beach. When the wind subsides you should be prepared for the sand flies which can be very painful, take some repellent with you.

Although nudity is frowned upon in Greece the far end of this beach does tend to be used by naturists.

Getting there:

The beach is approx 20km south of Skala. By hire car, you park up and then walk for about 40mins up and over a goat/donkey path along the edge of a cliff. There are amazing views to be seen along the way, don’t attempt the walk in the middle of the day as we did, though the beach really was worth it. You’ll also need a decent pair of shoes, we passed a few people attempting it in flip-flops but it was rocky with lots of spiky plants around.

When the Meltemi winds allow you can also get a boat from Skala which takes about an hour.

Patmos Psili Amos beach taverna
Patmos Psili Amos beach walk
Patmos Psili Amos beach
Patmos Psili Amos beach from above
Patmos Psili Amos beach walk
Patmos Psili Amos beach
Patmos Psili Amos beach

Have you been or are you planning to go to Patmos? What do you look for in the perfect Greek beach? If you found this interesting and useful please comment and share. Thank you

During our trip to Patmos, we were guests of the Municipality of Patmos. The car we used explore the beaches was provided by T&G Patmos Rentals. All the opinions written in this post are our own, based on our own experience.

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