The last 2 days have been so different weather wise. Yesterday was sunny with Apollo finding it so warm on the beach he went for a swim. He started by just walking in up to his tummy and was delighted when I threw his toy in. The first swim on this season. I’m sure they’ll be many more but it will need to be a little warmer for me to join in.

Apollo swimming at Kalathos beach

loving his swim

Much of yesterday was spent with friends having a girlie pamper afternoon. We learnt all about the Forever Living products that my friend is now selling and got a chance to try and few out. With face masks, moisturisers, a foot spa and another lady reading angel cards. You can find the products here.

There where nibbles and drinks too of course. It was a really relaxing afternoon. I don’t know if was the Aloe Heat Lotion on my feet in the foot spa or the relaxing part, but I found myself falling asleep on the sofa by 9pm and had a wonderful nights sleep.

ladies pamper with aloe

pampering with a lovely view

It was also a day to try and tick some things off my lists. There’s so much to do at the moment my lists now have lists. Firstly the cooker needs fixing. For some strange reason the owner of this property thought it would be a good idea to put a kitchen cupboard above the cooker in a corner. Predictably something heavy fell out and the class cooker top was broken.

A while ago we went to several shops that sell cookers in Rhodes town and eventually found a small place that fixes them. They then gave us a number to call. Things here are never quite that simple. I called the number and of course my Greek wasn’t quite good enough but my neighbour was kind enough to help out.

Not only did she explain to him what we needed she also gave me a bag of fresh eggs from their chickens. Her husband also informed me that the electrical shop in Kalathos now fixes cookers too.

We got a quote from the guy in Rhodes town, then today I went to the shop locally. The shop has changed hands recently and the young guy was very helpful. He was honest saying the guy in Rhodes town will get us a much better deal on the new part but he’ll be able to fit it cheaper as he’s not got as far to travel.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if it all goes to plan? The next task will be to pay for the part before it arrives. As there’s issues with sending money outside Greece with capital controls still in place I’m not quite sure how it’s all going to work. The part is coming from Italy. I’ll let you know if it ever gets fixed.

My prompt yesterday was vegetable and my other task for the day was to make a batch of chilli jam. I’ve tested it this morning and it’s far too hot, I’ll need to remake it tomorrow. This was the last of the chillies we grew last year. They were picked around November time just before the plants were wrapped up for winter, maybe they are a little hotter that the others. Now I’ll need to wait for the new plants to produce before any more jam can be made.

The chilli jam recipe is really easy but I do keep forgetting to wear gloves to cut the chillies, when you’re cutting large amounts your fingers start burning. Plus of course if you touch your eye several hours later it still stings like hell!

cutting up red peppers and chillies

preparing the veggies

chilli jam too hot

too hot to sell

After a good night’s sleep I woke early to a cloudy and very windy day here. Bad enough that flights this afternoon have been diverted. It’s due to go back to normal tomorrow and not unusual to have a few days like this through the Spring.

Anything that could blow away is tied down or put away. It will be much worse closer to the coast we are slightly protected by the hills around this village.

Walking Apollo this morning it all looked very grey, the sun managed to come out for a trip to the beach, by mid morning the sky was greyed out once more. It may be that there’s sand in the air again, there’s reports of it over Athens an hours flight away.

Late morning I went for a cuppa and to get to know Peter and Philip over at VLK in Vlicha. We had a good gossip and a giggle over life, I was able to see their stunning villa and garden. As a bonus Phil treated me to some of his paté and a chocolate pot, both delicious, you can find the recipes here. I left them with a jar of marmalade and chutney for their first guests of the season. I may have over stayed my welcome avoiding returning home to all those lists!

One of the things that came up today was technology and how our lives have been changed by it especially communications. The way we watch tv and even talk to each other has changed especially for expats. This was on my husbands way to work in Lagos today. There’s lots of people selling things along the side of the road. They were caught up in traffic worse than usual today as there was a fuel crisis panic on. This means everyone rushes out and buys all the fuel and then causes a shortage. Later today they’ll all be selling it from cans and bottles at the side of the road.

donkey in Pylona

a grey day but never dull with this guy on our walk

lagos today

in Lagos today

Today’s prompt was ‘a favourite’ and this was my favourite picture from today.

Our morning walk today was up the hill behind the village but as I had to go to the electrical shop in Kalathos I took Apollo with me and we popped to the beach. The sea here is really calm for most of the year, but when the wind picks up or storm comes in it looks stunning.

kalathos beach

on our morning beach walk

The day is now over and the dog is snoring once more. In fact after another hill walk to work off the chocolate pot he looks exhausted.

Over the next two days it’s going to be very busy around here, tomorrow I’ve got a rare night out in Rhodes town to see Rachel perform solo at the Malt House if you’re in the area come along.

As I’m staying with friend’s I’ll get to see the parade on Saturday morning. March 25th is a big national holiday. They celebrate independence from the Ottoman Empire combined with the Orthodox Church’s celebration of the annunciation.

Time now to turn off and see what’s worth watching tonight on the box. I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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