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I’m an expat and I love expat life. I’m a wife and a very happy one. I’m a good friend to those close to me no matter where they are in the world. When this blog started I had the idea that writing about and sharing what was going on would somehow make it all seem a little less surreal. It didn’t but then I got hooked on blogging. Yes I’m over 40, blogging and its not about children.


We have lived in 4 countries in 11 years, and are now living on the Greek island of Rhodes.


This blog started in 2013 as we prepared to move from Qatar to Greece. It was more than just moving countries, it was a lifestyle change and the start of a new adventure 🙂 I went from working full time as a teacher to looking after our new home and life.


Joining me on this journey, is my best friend, source of inspiration and love of my life my husband D. He works in an African country where wives cannot follow, so our base will be the island. We’ve been tourists here, got married here and my parents retired here, so we have seen the place from many different angles and for now it’s home.


We have with us 3 cats we have picked up along the way…. (pictures of them coming soon)


  1. Aslan a very large ginger tom cat from Dubai this is his third passport stamp.
  2. Impi a large but slender white cat with black spots, a former bin cat from Qatar who knows how to stand up for himself.
  3. The youngest cat Chui a rather loving if manic ginger Bengal cat cross he was found on a building site in Qatar.


Then there’s the dog, our most recent addition an Alsation of unknown age we found abandoned on a beach on the island, we’ve called him Apollo. (Just don’t tell the cats he might be staying!)


Apollo our German Shepherd rescue dog

Apollo after a summer swim


I’m discovering a country and a language. Gardening for the first time in years. Learning new recipes on our travels to keep us healthy into our middle age. I’ve shared the things that we made and learnt on our first 4 years on the island


The blog has developed and now more focused on our travel experiences mainly around Greece, with recipes from restaurants around the region, places to stay, things to see and my opinion pieces based on expat life and life in general.


One of the great things about blogging is sharing stuff with others around the world, there is a such a large community of expat women who are trying to figure out life away from home. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


If you want to collaborate, have something you want me to write about or if you have any questions just ask?


You can find my disclosure policy here.


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