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Hello and welcome, I’m Amanda, for those that followed ‘Olive, Feta & Ouzo’ this is the new blog. With the move to Spain the blog is changing too. 

For those that are new here, thank you for joining us on this journey of life. We are both British, in our 50’s, living in Andalucia, Southern Spain. We moved here in August 202O in the middle of the pandemic. You can find out more about our move here

We have lived in 5 countries in 11 years, and are now living in the mountains of Southern Spain.

This blog started in 2013 as we prepared to move from Qatar to Greece. It was more than just moving countries, it was a lifestyle change and the start of a new adventure 🙂 I went from working full time as a teacher to looking after our new home and life. I did some freelance writing and dabbled in travel writing. You will find many older posts about travel around the Greek islands and generally living on a Greek island as we were there for 7 years.

Now we are on a whole new adventure. While living in Greece I developed a passion for food, cooking and became a lot more interested in where our food came from. I started to grow many different things, we had a lemon tree, grape vines and many many herbs plus a few vegetables. Some were more successful than others. In the process I learnt more about food production, modern agricultural methods and developed a passion for the earth and how we use it.

Our move here was for many reasons and one of those was to live a more sustainable life, we are looking for the right property to start in our own small way to look after this earth better. Using what we have learnt from permaculture and regenerative agriculture, I hope to develop the land where we are and teach others how to do the same. The goal is to create a home and a place where we producing organic sustainable delicious food that we can share with others.

Joining me on this journey, is my best friend, source of inspiration and love of my life my husband D. He works away from home equal time off and equal time on. While I work online teaching full time but flexible hours. We are not retired or even close to it.

For the curious ones, we were lucky enough to be living in the EU before Brexit happened and moved to Spain in time to get residency under the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

Eventually we will be getting chickens and maybe goats or pigs, chickens are known as the ‘gateway drug’ in the homesteading world. Homesteading is really what we will be doing, creating a home and farm, on a budget, that is as close to sustainable as we can get. There will be compromises and we can’t do it all, after all there is only 2 of us. 

Before you ask we don’t have a huge budget, we haven’t sold a house, won the lottery or made our fortunes. We both work and that’s how this is being financed as a result we will be getting a place that needs work and will be doing a lot of that work ourselves. 

You will also meet our pets who have travelled with world with us, they are:

  1. Impi a large but slender white cat with black spots, a former bin cat from Qatar who knows how to stand up for himself.
  2. Chui a rather loving ginger Bengal cat cross he was found on a building site in Qatar.
  3. Otis a Greek Shepherd cross possibly with a Mastin, he was a gift from a our neighbour a goat farmer on the Greek island.

For those that didn’t get the news on social media, sadly in the last 12 months we had to say goodbye to our old dog Apollo and Dubai Cat Aslan, they are gone but never forgotten.

The blog is going to be taking a completely new direction, it’s moving to YouTube. What you may not realise is that writing, photography and blogging take a lot of time. WIth time being limited the blog is moving to a vlog. Though there will still be the occasional post and I’ll share all my recipes on here so you can find them again.

Join us as we discover a new country, learn how to vlog, learn a language and search for a place to call home. We are so lucky today to have a online world to share all this with others around the world, to create our own communities where we are far away home. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

If you want to collaborate, have something you want me to write about or if you have any questions just ask?

You can find my disclosure policy here.



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