Last year I decided to do an acts of kindness advent calendar. Last year I decided to do an acts of kindness advent calendar. This year I’m doing it again and there’s a free copy for you to download. Don’t get me wrong I love the chocolate ones but having lived in parts of the world where you can’t get advent calendars it’s good to do something a little different.

The more adult alcoholic versions look fun, apart from the obvious extra cost they just aren’t available on this island. I’ve seen the ideas of acts of kindness calendars around the web over the last couple of years and decided create my own version that can be followed where we live in the world.

What is the point?

An acts of kindness advent calendar is more than just a calendar, it is also a way of getting back to the real meaning of Christmas. I’m not a practicing Christian. Like many others I really only go to church these days for weddings or funerals.

The ideals of being kind to each and looking after our fellow human beings and the planet are central to every religious belief and something I try to strive for in my life. The idea of an acts of kindness calendar like this is to bring us all closer to really being good members of the human race if in just a small way each day once a year by the choices we make.

I hope that maybe some of these acts of kindness will rub off on a few more people for the rest of the year too.

Why gratitude?

The final one is a reminder of everything we are truly grateful for in life. Some think the idea of gratitude is overrated today, but I feel in our consumer driven society it’s more important than ever.

Too often I see negativity around me in the press and media, on line and the complaints IΒ hear around us. I see around me in our society aΒ constant strive to have what others have, to be a good citizen today you also need to be a good consumer. You have to want the car like “X” and the holiday that “Y” went on. Your life will be complete when you have the bright red sofa and live in a home with that view. All of it fuelled by the images of perfection that social media is so good at sharing with us.

At times it’s good to really take stock of what we have and what we need. Look around and truly appreciate what we have in life, the people and things that really matter.

There is of course the irony that without a little advertising revenue this blog may not exist…

Editors note: This post has been completely updated and reposted originally posted December 2016.

Have you done an advent calendar like this before? Do you think the world needs a little more kindness shared around? If you enjoyed the post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you

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