Greek muffin recipe

A light tasty and healthy breakfast. It’s easy to eat on the go and just happens to taste great warm straight from the oven or cold the next day. They also freeze well.

This is one of my favourite breakfast recipes and a great way to keep clear of all those processed foods. If you make a batch that’s breakfast for a few days done.

We Love Lindos the Chroma Beach Party

Last week I saw colourful party happen on the beach in Lindos. The photos were amazing with a mixture of ages all having fun. And all of it in aid of a wonderful project to build a playground and park for the children of Lindos. I found out more about the event and the project.

Experience the food festival of Rhodes

Looking for a different type of festival on the island of Rhodes we went to the Food Festival. It is always fun to find different things to do on the island and we are always looking out for good food too. The Food Festival of Rhodes is in its second year and we headed up to Rhodes town last night to check it out.

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