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#myGreekilsandlife – τάβλι (tavli)

This picture was taken on Friday afternoon at Rhodes airport arrivals. October is the last month of the summer season here, direct flights from Europe and further start to dwindle as the last few visitors come across to enjoy the glorious weather at this time of year.

With a few clouds in the sky, warm sunny days and cool evenings it amazes me how few people visit in Autumn. The sea is still warm from the months of intensive summer heat and the beaches are quiet.

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#myGreekislandlife – a moment in history

Sometimes there are moments that are captured on camera that really tell story. I regularly see this man driving his handmade contraption around the village roads and in the hills. Often his wife is sat by his side, they are always smiling and greet everyone with a wave as they pass.

It’s not a perfect picture. The light and shade were all wrong. For me though it’s the story that it tells.

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#myGreekislandlife – sand lilies or sea daffodils?

Nature is always impressive and never fails to surprise me with it’s beauty and strength. This week was no exception, with the first rains of autumn there are signs of spring like growth all over the island.

These flowers are the exception, they appear between August and September in many place across the region, on this island I’ve seen swathes of them each year along the long stretch of Afandou beach. This week they were there again.

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Interview with Georgio Konstandi author of NEA – Dawn of an Era

NEA – Dawn of an Era
Greece in the not-so-distant future is in crisis. After years of austerity, the people are mute with fatigue and the prime minster sits idly by. However, NEA, a highly sophisticated military faction of a million Russian-trained aggrieved and mentally disturbed Greek men is about to be unleashed. the Greeks are embarking on one final crusade that could end all wars – but who is God siding with?

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Festival fun a night in Symi

Travelling on impulse is a nightmare for some, impossible for others and for us an experiment and a night of fun. We’d heard that the Symi shrimp festival was taking place on Sunday night and decided to just go for it.

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Childless by circumstance

This has been difficult to write and something I’ve been wanting to put down for a while now. For some of you it will be difficult to read. What does it mean to be part of a childless generation today?

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Why I left teaching and never regretted it.

10 years ago this week, I applied for teaching job overseas and handed in my notice at work in London as a secondary English teacher.

That first job in Kuwait opened my eyes to a very different world. It opened doors to a future I could never have imagined in my London classroom.

I’ve never regretted a moment of that decision. For my own sanity I could no longer work in the UK, in a system that was more concerned with test results than educating the next generation to think for themselves and be able to make the world a better place.

In those 10 years I’ve been saddened to see an education system that was once the best in the world brought to its knees.

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10 tips from 3 years of blogging

This little part of the internet has been going for 3 years. It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago we were still in the planning stages of moving to Greece. Those years in the Middle East now seem like a lifetime away, yet at times like yesterday.

We arrived with no idea how long we’d be here. The blog was at that stage just a diary of our move and has developed as our journey has.

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