When the clocks change everything gets thrown out of whack for a while. Now though I can’t believe how lucky we are, sat outside on the patio, it’s nearly 7pm, the sun is still shining on the little church and its warm enough to be in a t-shirt. The cold wind of the last few days has gone and it’s been a perfect warm spring day.

Of course once that sun does set everything will feel a lot cooler, but this is bliss. This is what living on a Greek island should be like, not the torrential storms or snow. Not the cold north wind and getting the wood in for the fires. It’s been windows open, sun streaming in and cleaning house.

For days now it’s been cold north winds and spring cleaning here, the cleaning is set to go on for a while yet. I decided to completely revamp the kitchen, move everything around and finally get the storage sorted out for all the store cupboard stuff. There’s even new mason jars and labels involved. Now there will be no excuses for not being able to find anything. Except of course that it’s all now in a different place, I wonder how long it will take before I reach for the coffee cups in the right cupboard without thinking about it?

Next up there’s jams and chutneys to make, some ready for the fundraiser this weekend for the Gennadi Health Centre. By Friday I hope to be ready to start painting in the living room. The only problem is the amount of things that I’ve started but not quite finished. The lists that now have lists are out of control. In an attempt to return order to chaos I sat and wrote a whole new list.

Are you a list person? I’ve the electronic ones on the phone. The problem with those is they tend to stack up and just get lost among newer more important lists. For me the written list is still the only way to go. We’ve got blackboard paint on the kitchen cupboard doors with normal weekly what’s going on and shopping lists.

Then there’s the pieces of paper. The one good thing about a written list is seeing it lying around and noticing that you can cross something else off. Or when it’s finished scrunching it up and throwing it towards the bin. It doesn’t even need to get into the bin, it’s the scrunch that’s so satisfying.

Anyway lists done I decided to take the rest of the afternoon off and take Apollo for a good long walk up the big hill at the back.

He went to the vet today for a check on his skin, she has confirmed now that we are dealing with German shepherd pyoderma. It basically means ongoing treatment, weekly washing with medicated shampoo, keeping on top of his flea/tick treatment and keeping an eye on it. Outbreaks will be treated each time with antibiotics with a hope that it doesn’t happen too often. The good news is he’s in excellent condition and she now thinks he’s a little younger than before and is now 6 or 7 not 8. Now if only we could get a little younger each time we visited the doc?

Today’s pictures are from our walk up the hill at the back of the village. There are views from the top down the sea at Kalathos one side and to Lardos beach the other. The only sounds up there was tinkle of goat bells and the buzz of lots of bees.



on our walk at the back of Pylona

on our walk at the back of Pylona

on our walk at the back of Pylona

on our walk at the back of Pylona March 30 2016

on our walk at the back of Pylona

view from the top of hill behind Pylona

Although I’ve been busy and not blogging daily this week, there have still been my daily pics with the prompts, you can see them on Instagram or on the side bar of the blog.

Today’s prompt is ‘buddy’, it’s taken over a year for the trust to be built up Apollo is definitely our ‘buddy’ around here now. The word ‘buddy’ is not one I’d normally use to describe anyone. It’s such a classic American saying or at least I think of it as one. I’m more likely to use ‘mate’, probably a sign I’ve spent too long hanging out with Aussies. What would your word be?

d and Apollo Kalathos beach feb 22 2016

beach buddies back in February

back of the house march 30 2016

walking this afternoon wouldn’t be the same with him

Apollo march 28

our ‘buddy’

It’s 8pm and time to close the shutters, the last light has left the sky and the solar lights are all on. The daily posts will resume once the spring cleaning has finished, for now I’ll write as often as time allows.

Now it’s time to turn off the computer of the day. I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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