Collection – my Greek island life

Today was never going to be easy. I wrote about how difficult it was to say goodbye at Christmas. The time of year doesn’t make those goodbyes any easier. D is now on the final leg of his three flights back to work. It’s been a beautiful day here but difficult to appreciate. The sun was rising as I headed home from the airport. It’s beauty taunting me as my soul mate wasn’t next to me to share it.

Hello! – my Greek island life

The last few days have been warm and sunny during the day and cooler at night. There’s been a chilly wind blowing and if we’d sat still for long enough we might have needed jumper. We’re still lighting a fire most evenings to keep the house warm enough for sitting around watching tv.

Green – my Greek island life

It’s March and officially spring in Greece. Though it’s been so warm recently Spring was already here. Last week I was hooked on taking pictures of the nut trees in bloom you can find them here and here.

Today started with the official announcement that we’ve closed down Helping Hands of Rhodes.

I love this – my Greek island life

The prompt for today’s picture is ‘I love this’. A phrase that that is true for our life here. I love our life on this Greek island. The weather, the scenery, the villages and towns. The pace of life, the food, the music. The people we meet and the things we learn. The log fires in winter, the BBQ’s in spring. The heat of summer and jumping into a cool pool.

We are so lucky to be living here and never take for granted the fact that we do.

Transport – my Greek island life

Today started extra early with an alarm call at 6.15am for my trip to Rhodes town. A busy day was planned for Helping Hands getting donations to where they are needed.

It was a chilly start with a cool wind. Dressed in layers I headed up the island. Plans can and do change all the time here, today was no exception.

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