Why I left teaching and never regretted it.

10 years ago this week, I applied for teaching job overseas and handed in my notice at work in London as a secondary English teacher.

That first job in Kuwait opened my eyes to a very different world. It opened doors to a future I could never have imagined in my London classroom.

I’ve never regretted a moment of that decision. For my own sanity I could no longer work in the UK, in a system that was more concerned with test results than educating the next generation to think for themselves and be able to make the world a better place.

In those 10 years I’ve been saddened to see an education system that was once the best in the world brought to its knees.

10 tips from 3 years of blogging

This little part of the internet has been going for 3 years. It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago we were still in the planning stages of moving to Greece. Those years in the Middle East now seem like a lifetime away, yet at times like yesterday.

We arrived with no idea how long we’d be here. The blog was at that stage just a diary of our move and has developed as our journey has.

Catching up – my Greek island life

April has been a crazy month, with redecorating, DIY, gardening and spring cleaning. The rush to get everything done before D returned last Friday.

While doing all that I was also making jams, chutneys and cakes for table top sales, acting as a roadie, losing car keys and keeping the pets alive. People ask what I do with all my time now I’m not working. To be honest I’ve never been busier, only now I’m lucky to be doing lots of things that I love.

Buddies – my Greek island life

When the clocks change everything gets thrown out of whack for a while. Now though I can’t believe how lucky we are, sat outside on the patio, it’s nearly 7pm, the sun is still shining on the little church and its warm enough to be in a t-shirt. The cold wind of the last few days has gone and it’s been a perfect warm spring day.

A favourite – my Greek island life

The last 2 days have been so different weather wise. Yesterday was sunny with Apollo finding it so warm on the beach he went for a swim. He started by just walking in up to his tummy and was delighted when I threw his toy in. The first swim on this season. I’m sure they’ll be many more but it will need to be a little warmer for me to join in.

This is new – my Greek island life

Today has been a beautiful warm and sunny spring day on this Greek island. It’s also been World Poetry Day. One of my favourite poets is Maya Angelou she wrote this poem in 1995 for UN anniversary and in it gives us hope that humanity will find a way to live in peace with each other and the planet.

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