Christmas in a Greek village bakery

Christmas comes with many different traditions around the world and many of those involve food. This year we were invited into the village bakery Γλυκές Αναμνήσεις (Sweet Memories) to find out all about the local Greek traditions of Christmas.

Ray and Margo’s story – the people of pet rescue in Greece

We often see images of animals that need new homes, but where do they end up and who are the people that rescue them? This is the 4th in a series highlighting the people who care. Those who help very rarely step forward or put their faces out there. Many are embarrassed to tell their stories as they don’t do it for admiration or praise but simply because they care.

The Expat Moving Cycle

Two years ago today I was driving in a sandstorm in Qatar. I was counting down the days waiting to move to this island. I was worried about the flight for the cats. I was terrified something would go wrong at the last minute. My company had my passport. I was still...

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