Chicken gyros recipe

Everyone loves Greek food and that includes their very own fast food gyros (γύρος). The word gyros means ‘turn’, the meat is packed onto a vertical spit and grilled as it turns, very similar to the Turkish doner and the shawarmer of the Middle East yet distinctly Greek. Slices of either chicken or pork are wrapped in pita bread with a good dollop of tzatzi, slices of fresh tomato, sweet red onion and a few fries.

Beetroot garlic dip recipe

Beetroot – παντζάρι – is a wonderfully versatile vegetable and found in lots of Greek recipes. Originally only the greens were eaten the small root was used for medical purposes in ancient Greece. Later the larger bulb developed and the beet as we know it today. I was first introduced to it by a friend from eastern Europe who would always have some as a side dish or pickled.

Cretan dakos salad recipe

This classic Cretan salad is a filling summer lunch or supper with fresh organic locally grown ingredients. Simple, tasty and great when the days are getting warmer and you really don’t want to cook.

Greek style Stuffed Peppers

Greek food really is wonderful, it’s healthy, fresh, tasty and low carb. You just need to have willpower when the bread basket comes out! This recipe is my take on the food you get in local tavernas but minus the rice. Greek Style Stuffed Peppers Ingredients 2...

Prawn Saganaki Recipe

  Yesterday I made one of my favourite Greek starter dishes “prawn saganaki” (in Greek σαγανάκι).  Traditionally cooked on the stove top and served in a small 2 handled dish, saganaki is a flavourful baked cheese dish. Each region has its own...

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