Spicy lentil stew recipe

Looking for a healthy warming winter dish? This vegetarian lentil stew will spice up your cold evening and satisfy a hungry man.

As autumn turns to winter in the northern hemisphere November is a time when stews, crock pots and soups take over from the salads of summer. Here on the island the days are still reaching 20C in the sun but the nights are definitely getting cooler. People have started lighting fires in the evening and everyone is getting ready for the much cooler months of January and February.

Spicy Tomato Jam Recipe

Looking for different ways to preserve tomatoes and healthier alternative to tomato ketchup I decided to devise a tomato jam recipe. More like an extra thick sauce with all the bits and goodness still in there. We like a bit of hot spice in our sauces so this had to...

Lemon herb salt

I’m still finding ways to use up the lemons from our bumper harvest. This idea came from a Pinterest picture I found a while ago, with herbs, salt and lemon rind. I like the idea of having flavoured salt around for summer BBQs. We picked up some small jars in...

Chilli Jam Recipe

My first recipe post, it was really difficult to know which to choose at first so I just decided to go with the reason I ended up selling jams and chutneys at a charity table top sale on Sunday. Chilli jam, some like it on toast, others put it on chicken or pork on...

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