Finding the Corinth Canal

It should be easy to find a canal that’s 79m high and 24.6m wide. About an hour and a half from Athens airport just north of the highway we missed it.

I could try blaming the Greek road system, but the highway was excellent and there were signposts. We just lost track of where we were and hadn’t done enough research before our trip. So instead of stopping at the canal we visited Ancient Corinth first.

A visit to Ancient Corinth

We lost the Corinth Canal. Seriously we did.

About an hour and a half from Athens airport in our hire car we arrived at Ancient Corinth.

Unusually neither of us had done much research into this trip. We were both so busy doing other things that we simply booked the hire car and accommodation and took the flight to Athens. Picked up a map of the mainland on arrival at the airport and hoped that the route out wouldn’t be too confusing

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