The last 2 days have been mainly taken up with cooking and then selling the produce to raise funds for the Rhodes GCWS. A locally based cat charity that runs a neutering programme.

Over the winter months there are several charity groups that run events to raise money. We all help out in different ways, either hosting, cooking or buying the coffees and cakes. There’s different handcrafts for sale too, it would be great to have proper craft fayres on the island, but with the Greek tax system I’m sure it would be just about impossible to do?

Daytime events are a good way to meet up with people in the winter. Most nights all I want to do is curl up by the fire with a good book or movie. When it’s cold and dark out and the fire is going the last thing I want to do is head outside.

There’s always animals here that are looking for a home, one couple who are fostering a puppy that’s in need of a home came along today. The puppy was really cute. I just want to reassure my hardworking husband, don’t worry 1 extra large dog and 3 cats are more than enough I’m not going to bring another one home. Though there was an offer of some chickens?

puppy who needs a home

looking for a home

Yesterday was a bright, warm and sunny spring day. There were even reports of people sunbathing nude on the beach in Lardos. They must have given up being watched from the road, as there was no-one there when I headed home from our weekly guitar practice session.

This week I’ve got to do a lot more guitar practice. Maybe if I write it down here I’ll actually do it?

My prompt yesterday was ‘big and small’. Between bakes I stopped for a cuppa and was joined by Impi and Apollo. They do make a funny pair, Impi never stops talking when around Apollo, I’d love to know what he’s saying?

This morning was a real contrast to yesterday with thunderstorms overhead and torrential rain. The road outside turned into a river for a short while. The cakes and preserves were packed into the car and once rain eased and the river slowed I headed out to Lindos Reception for the table top sale.

Luckily by the time everything started the sun was out. That’s great thing about the weather here, it’s not cloudy and wet for long. Though with the morning temperatures at around 14C everyone was dressed up warm. The venue was under a veranda with no windows and a stunning view, if it’s windy it can be freezing.

By midday we were taking off layers and lots of people turned up to support the cats. I was surprised to meet a few people who came along and said they read this little blog, including the guys from Villa Lindos Kalliopi. We’ve got friends in common but had never met before and I had no idea they read this. Their blog by our friend Karen is a good resource for local food.

This afternoon I was planning a chilled out sofa afternoon but decided on a long walk with Apollo instead. We both needed the exercise he’d been sleeping in the garden most of the day and I’d been standing around too much.

There were these small purple flowers everywhere along the sides of the road after the rain, they look a little like an Iris? Apollo is a little more wary of the donkeys after one put him in his place the other week. They’ll all be back to work for the season soon. The village will be quieter but I’ll miss them being around on our walks.

The weather still looked like it could rain by early evening, though it’s quiet out there so far.


Impi and Apollo

guess who’s the boss?

wild Iris

is this an Iris?

apollo and a donkey

saying hi

storm view from Lindos reception

a stormy view from Lindos reception

wild iris

or something else?

sun on the church opposite the house

last sun of the day

Today’s prompt was cooking. After all the baking there won’t be any further cooking in our house tonight, that’s what the freezer is for. So I defrosted some homemade soup earlier.

My photo today is the only one I remembered to take of all the baked goods for today. Snapped quickly before loading it all into the car just to show D what was going on.


baked goods ready for lindos

all ready to go

We did well at the fundraiser and I didn’t come home with many cakes. Though the boys at guitar might be happy with the carrot cake next Friday?

Now it’s time for a glass of wine, put my feet up and watch some TV. I’m on episode 2 of The Night Manager on BBC. Based on the John le Carré novel it’s a good drama for my Saturday night. There’s a dog asleep on the rug and a ginger cat on the table.

I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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