I was inspired at the beginning of October 2014 to take daily pictures of every day life here on the island. Having been away from blogging for some time it seemed like the ideal way to get back into the swing of things and get familiar with a computer again. I had no idea at the time how things would turn out.

To start with I followed the photo a day challenge over at fat mum slim

Looking back to day the images seem so different from those we now take, I can see how far we have come in our photography and I’m so grateful that I wrote this post and have the images and memories of our early days learning to take photographs.



iphoneography shoreline Rhodes Greece


A couple of days later another blogger I follow Kirsty Rice also started up a photo journal idea and gave out a list of prompts for the month. So I decided to take the plunge and try and do both at the same time.

myreality prompts october 2014


At the beginning it was just me going out and taking pictures.  Then my husband returned from working in Africa and we both got caught up in the search for the daily photo.

Coming up with ideas and working out where to go each day was great fun. It was a wonderful way to get around and explore the island of Rhodes from a completely different perspective.


iphoneography pictures from october 2014 Rhodes


We went back to places we hadn’t been to for a while like Prassonissi. At the farthest end of the island your greeted by a long stretch of beach leading to a small rocky outcrop with a lighthouse. It had sea on either side the day we went and perfect conditions for kite and wind surfing. Sometimes the sea meets and you can’t get to the very end of the island without getting your feet wet.

During the summer it’s a wonderful site with camper vans, tents and lots of guaranteed wind.The windsurfer crowd come from all over the world to surf on Rhodes.

There’s something about the place that makes you want to get a bit fitter, have a go at windsurfing and get a camper to stay down there.


iphoneography kite surfing at Prassonisi Rhodes


We went in search of places we’d only heard about and weren’t even sure existed.

The old Italian hospital in Rhodes town was closed down as a hospital when a new one was built, but we’d heard that the old buildings were still standing. We’d heard rumours that it was now an asylum holding place or that it was now an orphanage.

We asked around for directions, many locals were confused as to why we would want to find the old hospital and not the new one.

On foot we headed down an old pathway surrounded by thick foliage and old trees first we found the orphanage. It was in an old Italian style building but wasn’t big enough to have been a hospital for the whole city.

We carried on and turned a few more corners and through another overgrown pathway the old hospital emerged. There were signs of decay but also of the grandeur it once had. With old palm trees standing taller than the building itself.

A few mopeds were parked outside and the front door showed signs of fire. We saw a couple of people entering and decided to take a look around.

The main entrance was blackened from smoke and fire, we didn’t hang around as ahead was another doorway into a huge interior garden courtyard.

We could also see  large group of young adults. Mainly young men, they looked a little worse for wear. Immediately one of them came straight up to us and explained that they were a group for drug rehab and met there regularly. We could hear people going up into the building behind us and many of them did not look too happy to see us.

There we were with cameras and shopping bags looking a little too much like tourists.  We headed out of there quickly before they noticed us too much.

Now I want to go back, without the shopping bags or the nerves, find out some more about the people there and the place.


iphoneography old Italian hospital Rhodes


Do I have a favourite? Mine, as with most of my photographs, was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Junk was taken early one morning the we had been woken early by the electric going off.

I know that doesn’t really make much sense, you’d think no electric would mean peace and quite. However we have neighbours who have a very loud alarm that sounds every time the electricity cuts out. Unfortunately during the winter that can be quite often, and the sound is an unremittingly high pitched blast that continues as long as their back up power does!

So we gave in on sleep and headed across to Lindos to see the dawn. It’s a beautiful setting overlooking the Acropolis on the hill and as there were no street lights the scene was magical. The light even seemed to make the junk look beautiful.

Do you have a favourite?


iphoneography junk on the headland in Lindos


I’m a little surprised that we did manage a picture for every prompt, most of them were taken on the actual day and all them in October. Neither of us were photographers and we certainly didn’t have the equipment or knowledge. This was about sharing our reality where we lived in the world, with the camera in our pocket. The camera was an old iPhone5 with a strange scratch on the lens.

Now looking back at the pictures we took for the month, there was so much that could be said about each one. The following month I wrote more often, sharing the world we live in and inspiring us to take better pictures.

We continued to take daily pictures and still do though now we don’t use the promos you can follow olivefetaandouzo on Instagram, Facebook  or right here on the blog.

Do you take part in photograph challenges or monthly challenges? If you found this post useful and interesting please comment and share. Thank you

Updated 22 August 2017

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