I’m still finding ways to use up the lemons from our bumper harvest. This idea came from a Pinterest picture I found a while ago, with herbs, salt and lemon rind. I like the idea of having flavoured salt around for summer BBQs.

We picked up some small jars in Ace and the rock salt from the local supermarket.

The jars were cleaned and sterilised, then I grated the rind off the 7 lemons left from yesterday’s limoncello making.

my rosemary hedge

the rosemary hedge was planted last spring

The rosemary bushes in the garden needed a good trim, once that was done I had far too much for the salt. I will have to come up with a plan for that?

rosemary cuttings

anyone need any rosemary?

Next I warmed the salt, half the lemon rind and the rosemary for about 10-15 mins on a low heat in the frying pan. Making sure that everything dried out.

salt, rosemary and lemon rind in the frying pan

warming it all up

Then some of the rosemary was chopped finely and mixed into the salt before deviding into the two jars.

oregano, salt and lemon rind

The oregano one

This was repeated with oregano that we also have growing in the garden.

jars with herb salt

sprigs in the top

I also added a couple of sprigs of each herb into the top of each jar so I’ll know which is which.

rosemary & oregano lemon salts

Ta Dah…

Now we just need some nice pork chops and get my husband to fire up the BBQ it feels like summer 🙂

There still lots of lemons on the tree, any ideas? And what should I do with all that rosemary?


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