The Folklore Museum of Lardos is a glimpse into local rural life before tourism came to the south of the island. Owner and curator Panagiotis Loukaras has spent years collecting and writing about the history of the local area. We first met him selling his books to fund the building of the museum, every year he went around the tourist resorts raising money to open this small local museum.

Located just outside the village of Lardos opposite the mini golf, on the Lardos to Pefkos junction there’s plenty of parking out front. The entrance fee is €4.

Folklore Museum of Lardos

The place is packed full of items ranging from farming equipment from the last century, a glimpse at life in a traditional house, the history of the area in pictures and pieces of equipment the Italians and Germans left behind in WWII.

lardos folklore museum exhibit 1
lardos folklore museum exhibit 6
lardos folklore museum exhibit 8
lardos folklore museum exhibit 3
lardos folklore museum exhibit 2 bw
lardos folklore museum exhibit 7
lardos folklore museum exhibit 5

Panagiotis will show you around and pass on his passion and love for the area. From Lardos, he has collected and curated everything in the museum. There’s also a small shop with local crafts and herbs, copies of Panagiotis’ book about the history of the area and calendars  of images he’s collected over the years. Take some time to enjoy the coffee shop, a great place to sit in the shade and find out more about the area from your host.

As he runs it all himself with no staff the opening times vary. Most days and nights you will see him walking around the tourist areas selling his books and calendars to keep the museum going. You can also call Panagiotis on the number advertised at the museum entrance or contact him through Facebook to organise a tour.

Open now for 4 years the museum really is a labour of love and Panagiotis adds new items and makes changes outside every year. When you’ve been to visit please give him a review on TripAdvisor.

Lardos museum shop 1
lardos folklore museum 4

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