I’ve had a very productive day here. With lot of sunshine it felt a little warmer today, though the cold wind is still here. It’s definitely moulting season for the animals. I’m not an enthusiastic cleaner, it gets done but I can’t say I get over excited by the idea of dusting. Over the next few weeks the hoover will need to come out daily but at least it’s made a little easier with a good hoover.

We made the decision when coming here to buy all our electrics here. At least that way they would have the right plugs and we could return them easier if there was a problem. So far we’ve had no problems and they didn’t cost much more than they would have in Qatar.

I got an early start cleaning. The sun is rising over our hill a little earlier now with the cats waking me up around 7am wanting their breakfast. Though the dog is still fast asleep until 8 when I wake him. By 9am the surfaces had all been polished, floors hoovered and washed and windows cleaned.

As it was a sunny warmer day I decided to get on with doing some gardening. The area around the lemon tree was only half weeded and I wanted to dig an area to create a lavender hedge. Plants I bought on Saturday also needed to be put in pots.

It took most of the day to finish weeding under the tree and dig the bed. After the rain on Monday the weeds came out easily enough, if you leave it too long after the rain the ground can set like concrete.

One of the plants I bought was 3 little marigolds in different bright shades. I’ve never grown them before and have no idea how well they will grow here. It will be interesting to see how they do.

All our chilly plants were covered in hessian for the winter but the frosts still got to them and it seems they were all killed off. It gets colder in this village as we’re up a hill in a hollow a bonus in summer but not so good for the more tender plants. It looks like we’ll have to start sowing seeds each year for the chilies.

After lunch I took a break from gardening and went for a walk around the village with Apollo and our neighbour with his dog. The wildflowers have gone completely crazy in some places. The bright yellow under the fruit trees in this garden might be weeds but they looked wonderful.

Some forms of transport around here are unique and look very homemade. I have no idea what sort of engine was pulling the cart? This old guy goes out every day, working on the land and collecting firewood. Often his wife will be at his side.

lavender hedge planted

lavender planted

yellow under the fruit trees

yellow under the fruit trees

marigolds in a pot

marigolds in a pot

village transport

village transport

Today’s prompt was fruit. One thing that grows in abundance on these islands. As you walk around the village at the moment there’s still a few oranges and lemons on the trees. Nearby is Malona and Massari the orange growing region on the island. The orange festival is in early may and usually a great day out.

I’ve usually got some fruit either in the fridge or freezer. These berries are a good standby for so many things. Great with greek yoghurt as a quick dessert. Food photography is a real specialism and not one I know that much about. I’ll have to find out more for next time.


frozen berries

Frozen berries

By late afternoon my muscles had enough of gardening and I’m going to be very stiff in the morning. It was time to tackle the marking again. After yesterday’s confusion my brain seems to have taken in some of the reading I did yesterday and made good progress with the system. Though reading on a computer is never an easy task and by 10pm it was definitely time to stop for the day.

Unfortunately I had to defrost those berries so added a few more and had a dessert! It’s cold out again tonight, hopefully not too cold for the new plants. Time to turn off and rest some aching bones.

I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

fruit and yoghurt

yum yum

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