Every day that we get of life is a gift. Though we often forget that when caught up in the routines of our lives. Doing the washing up, going to work, cooking dinner, walking the dog. They become mundane occasionally we are reminded of the gift we have.

Today’s prompt was ‘gift’ so I spent a lot of the day thinking about the different types of gifts that life gives us.

The morning was spent working on my marking. Firstly I had to work out how to get into it. There were 3 different online systems with different logins and passwords. They all have essential documentation to read and links to more. I entered the 1st and then found out about the 2nd and the link.

After a bit more reading late morning my parents popped in for a cuppa. A welcome distraction from figuring out the printer and straining my eyes to read online.

After lunch it was time for the 2nd website there were several documents and links, one of which was the link to the 3rd with the password for that. A few more documents read and more printing. Another break was needed so I took Apollo for a walk around the village and caught up with some friends over a cuppa. Here for a short visit, they head back to the UK tomorrow, it was great to catch up and have a giggle.

The weather today has been much cooler, with a really icy wind, but the sun combined with yesterday’s rain meant the wildflowers went a little crazy. All the lanes are covered in so many different types. I’ll have to get out and take some pictures soon. The flowers are out so much earlier this year after a mild winter. The May day wreath is still a long way off I hope there’s still some left then?


spring wildflower

on my walk today


Into the third website a lot more reading to do. I covered some then took a break to take my ‘gift’ picture for today. Wrapping a present up I headed outside to take a picture. The sun was shining and Chui decided he’d help out a little.

Then back to work, though still not actually marking but trying to make sense of the document that explains how to use the online system. It’s a document of over 80 pages and around 15 pages in I was losing the will to live. It was full of jargon and not making much sense.

Feeling that this gift of life should be better spent I gave in for the day and cooked dinner. I’ll try again tomorrow.


chui opening a present

I think he enjoyed this game

Chui opening a present

Chui opening a present

The gift was carefully removed from Chui and the picture taken. I did give it back to him to take apart afterwards.


A gift

my gift today was life

A day to enjoy the wildflowers and spend time with my parents. To giggle with a friend and play with a cat. I know my husband spent the day caught up in African red tape trying to get some paperwork done. And if it hadn’t been for the prompt I might have spent all my day staring uselessly at a computer screen trying to make sense of it.

We need a reminder of this gift sometimes. There’s so many who are struggling with the basics of life and many others who don’t appreciate what they have. I’m certainly guilty of that sometimes. We are lucky to live this Greek island life with all it’s idiosyncrasies and every day really is a gift.

Apollo is snoring on his rug, the cats all are inside curled up. There’s a very cold wind out tonight but it’s warm in here. I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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