Today started cloudy with lots of coughing and nose blowing! Thanks to D who went out to the chemist, a cold and flu remedy and a good strong cup of Yorkshire tea got me going today.

This morning I was reminded about a friend who helped us out last year. Bloggers I follow Two Fat Expats asked a question on their Facebook page wanting to know about house guests, the good, bad and the ugly. We had a old expat friend who came for while and ended up staying for several months, she helped out when I fractured my knee. Part of the joy of expat life is in the friends we make.

The friendships tend to happen very quickly. You are thrown together in unusual circumstances a long way from home. Your usual support network is gone and you rely on each other. You’ll find yourself giving help at times you’d never have considered it before and receiving help from others when you need it most. They may not be your family but you help each other in the same way.

Most of our time today was taken up with Helping Hands in Rhodes town. We got a very large number of boxes off to Symi with Ian of Solidarity Symi. The arrival in Symi wasn’t quite as planned. There’s been very high winds today and it was an extra long crossing. With several aborted attempts at landing and a snapped mooring rope we were glad to hear they eventually made it.

Over the last couple of days we’ve packed up lots more for Kastellorizo and Halki. The girls have been doing an amazing job over the last few weeks shipping things out to the islands where they are needed most. I’ll be writing a separate post about our work again soon. There was fun along the way with Rachel deciding now “I’m a living in a box… in a cardboard box”. This one won’t be packed to send anywhere. It definitely won’t fit in the car and if it could we’d never be able to lift it.

For those who don’t remember the 80’s

We were at the refugee centre for a short while as well today. Everything is ready for the 150 expected to arrive from Kastellorizo very late tonight if the weather allows the ship to bring them. In recent weeks the numbers arriving on Kastellorizo have risen dramatically. With a population of 200 they had over 700 refugees arrive in one day over the weekend. Special transport has now been put on to transfer the refugees to Rhodes so they can be quickly processed and moved onto the mainland.

If you want to help out Kastellorizo please contact them first to find out what they need, you can message them on Facebook.

The message may not be spelt correctly, the teacher in me noticed that straight away, but it’s a hope we all have for the people we know scattered around the expat world. We all hope our friends and family are safe. It’s a hope that’s universal.

blue star docked in Symi

Blue Star finally docked in Symi

rachel fitted into a cardboard box

Ready for shipping!

rachel sat in a cardboard box

I’m a sitting in a box

message of hope in the refugee centre

something we hope for everyone we know

My final picture for today doesn’t come from a prompt. I’ll catch up with those in the next couple of days. It’s a picture that was taken by Ian of Solidarity Symi. It’s an image that looks innocent enough. A beautiful bright full moon shining over the back of a boat. The ferries travel between these islands every day and every day many visitors and locals see this view.

But it’s also a reminder that others will be travelling in those waters, some at night without the luxury and comfort of a ferry. It’s a reminder that no matter how much the authorities try to stop the influx of refugees to Europe they will keep coming. Storms haven’t stopped them. Sinking boats and risk of death hasn’t stopped them. It’s like trying to stop flood water, as soon as you stop up one place it will come out at another.

I’m not suggesting they should come here. This country certainly can’t cope. I don’t know what the answer is. Do you?

full moon at sea with life ring

Hopefully you are all safe tonight where ever you are in the world.

We got back home to a curry in the crock pot and 4 animals who were very pleased to see us. A bit of a different post today. Now it’s time to turn the computer off once more and head to the sofa. Knowing just how lucky we are to have this life while others are struggling to get here. I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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