As addictive as any drug

As addictive as any drug

Having spent the last few months really going for a low carbohydrate lifestyle I’ve been cooking or should I say experimenting, not always successfully, like a woman possessed. Now it’s time to start sharing some of the successes I’ve had with my Greek style low carb life.

Going low carb really means changing the way you think about food and drink. It’s not just bacon and butter despite what you read in some areas of the media. It’s about healthy food that’s made from scratch. Avoiding the bottles, cans and packets. Of course it means cutting out the obvious no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or flour and the biggest one of all no sugar.

I know there are some including family and friends who think that if you eat butter and meat you’re going to die of heart disease. I’m not on some fad diet, where I’ll lose a lot of weight very quickly and then end up bigger than ever, that’s what happened to me and I’m sure many of you in the past. This is a lifestyle not just for a couple of weeks.

I want share with you some of the things that I found out about carbohydrates and sugar. Fat does not make you fat it’s carbohydrates that turn into sugars and the sugars are then stored as fat. A low carb diet, reduces blood sugar and prevents diabetes and it reduces cholesterol. Before doing the research and changing my life, I ate low fat and didn’t add sugar to my food, what I found out really shocked me.

This Canadian documentary highlights some of the problems with sugar.

If a low fat diet is what you really want, then go ahead, we are all different and not everyone will want to do this. But do look at the rising levels on diabetes across society and do look at your food labels. Sugar is included in nearly every processed food, if it says low fat on the label then it has sugar added in one form or another. If you want low fat you have to eat less of it, no replace it with sugar. If you look closely you’ll see it’s added to your breakfast low fat milk, cereals and bread. It’s being added in greater quantities to a greater variety of food because it’s a cheap alternative to more expensive ingredients like olive oil.

If you do just a little research you’ll find lots out there about sugar. Just today The Telegraph have republished an article that about the horrors of sugar, the facts about our consumption are frightening:

This was in 2013 but there doesn’t seem to have been much in the way of change. Dr Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist and Action on Sugar advisor said; ” The fact that current nutritional advice is actually driving the twin epidemics of type 2 diabetes and obesity is an absolute scandal and the government must act to rectify this immediately.” Even BBC goodfood now offers advice on avoiding sugar.

That’s my rant about sugar over.

I will share one thing with you though, I started living like this in November and at the time I did a charity walk, since then I’ve been doing Callanetics, belly dancing classes and walking our newly adopted dog. Then I ended up in plaster and took a picture of the cast, I was very pleasantly surprised by the difference. I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost because I’m not getting on the scales, I’m just being a healthier me.

November, December and last week

November, December and last week

So what do you eat? is the question many people have asked me the answer is of course everything else. The quality of meat, fish, eggs and vegetables available on the island is the best I’ve ever come across and now I have the time to cook why would I want anything else for me or my family.

Starting now I’ll begin sharing the recipes that I perfect. The first one will be up later today and I’ll update this post with the link. In the meantime if you do nothing else today at least read the labels before you buy.

Here’s the first recipe Zucchini Scones





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