Stretch Vespa

I’ve seen whole families and their luggage on a moped but never a stretch limo version before!

With the heat of August now finally a memory it’s time to get back to work and back to blogging for me. There’s going to be more regular recipes, travel pieces, pictures and updates of life on the island.

I had many ideas this week about my favourite photo of the summer or something along those lines, but if you follow on Instagram and Facebook you’ll have seen regular pictures of our adventures and lots of sitting around keeping cool.

So I decided to endย this week with a favourite image of the week. Taken yesterday at the vintage vehicle show at the Casino in Rhodes town. They had a good collection of old cars and bikes going back to the 1930’s from all over the world. Being a Greek island there was also a good selection of mopeds.

How many could you get on this Vespa?

If you’re in the area the show continues today and it’s an annual event, keep an eye on their Facebook page for next year.

Every couple of weeks from now on, I’ll share a picture taken with my iPhone that sums of what’s happening here. The best camera really is the one in your pocket right now.

What’s the camera in your pocket? If you enjoyed this post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you


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