Today May 1st is a holiday thoughout Greece. It’s celebrated with flowers, for last few days the locals have been going into the hills around us and collecting flowers. More will head out today. They will then make May flower wreaths. You’ll see them hanging on doors and even cars.

It’s a celebration of the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Here it’s also the beginning of the tourist season with the package flights arriving from around Europe this weekend.

Yesterday we spent some time in Rhodes town and saw our first super yacht of the season in the harbour the “Mayan Queen” owned by Alberto Bailleres a Mexican mining magnet. I didn’t realise until yesterday there’s a ranking of super yachts. This one comes in 45th.



Rhodes harbour May 2015
The day trip tourist boats were back and most of the cafes were open. The quiet sleepy winter island has woken up to summer once more. One of our favourite coffee shops in summer has a great view of the Murad Reis Mosque and is never too busy even in the height of the season.


Murad Reis Mosque Rhodes May 2015
I had good news from the doctor, my muscles and tendons are doing what they are supposed. I’ve been doing exercises since the plaster came off. If you’ve never been in plaster these are the most painful part of the process! Because of them there will be no need for physiotherapy and I should be able to get rid of the sticks in another 3 weeks.

Now I’m off to pick some flowers and try to make my May wreath. Making the Mayflower wreath was great fun with lots of help from my husband who went out helping to collect flowers. You can read all about it here.

May is such a beautiful month to be in Greece, seas are getting warmer and tourists resorts open up. The crowds of summer aren’t here yet and you can enjoy warm days and evening before the silly heat of summer comes.

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