March Dickens quote

perfect for today


This quote was shared by a friend on Facebook today. I love the novel and the quote is perfect for this time of year. I went out without sunscreen again and am looking very pink, but in the shade you needed a jumper on. It’s been a beautiful sunny spring day.

After cleaning the house and doing some blog writing I headed out to the beach with Apollo. There was a cool wind coming from inland and he wasn’t too keen on staying on the beach for long. We then went for a walk in Haraki, where lots of other people had the same idea on such a lovely day.

One of our favourite places, Bottoms Up, was open so I stopped for coffee and a chicken salad lunch. Run by Despina and her family the food is always good and the chicken salad is summer on a plate. There’s something special about Haraki.

Next we went to see my parents who are busy decorating their living room. Everyone at the moment is getting everything done they can before the the weather heats up and the tourist season starts.

One of the things about living somewhere like this is that it’s easy for people to visit. Not all expat locations are as enticing, strangely no-one wanted to visit me in Kuwait or Qatar? All the expats we know here have regular visitors. The last thing you want to be doing when the weather heats up and the sea is looking so good is paint the house or do the gardening. So we all plan to have everything to the point where the minimum amount of work is needed to keep things looking good throughout the summer.

Our first visitor is an old uni friend of mine who arrives on April 13th. Now I’ve checked the calendar thats only 24 days to get everything finished around here. I’m going to be very busy over the next 3 weeks.

Maybe I should have done more today but it was Sunday after all. We took a long walk around the village this afternoon and I chatted over tea with a couple of friends. Tomorrow I’ll be more productive.

Apollo on Haraki beach

Apollo enjoying Haraki

spring wildflowers March 20 2016

spring flowers today

pig and piglets

on our walk today

Apollo and his friend Bailey

Walking with a friend

Today’s prompt was ‘movement’. Have you ever tried to take a picture of movement? I tried to get the grass blowing in the wind but each time I took a picture the wind stopped. I tried with dogs and children never an easy combination.

Then, having given up, Apollo and his friend Bailey couldn’t resist a big muddy puddle on warm day.

Apollo and Bailey in a puddle

movement in a muddy puddle

Apollo is now worn out and fast asleep after lots of walking today. The 4th post about the people who rescue Greek animals is out and I’ve got a pink nose!

Today was also my younger brother’s birthday. I don’t know if he knows about this blog, or if he reads it. We’ve not spoken for a while now. Families can be like that sometimes, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about him especially today. I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world today?



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