my greek island life a week in pictures

Spring is here and it’s time for me to get back to the blog. I’m starting with a roundup of the pictures I’ve taken this week. They are just a little snapshot of the island and our life here. I share pictures regularly on Facebook and Instagram but realise that not all of you follow social media these days. If you enjoy this I’ll do it again next week?

Anthony Quinn Bay

Monday I enjoyed a walk across the hills with friends and our dogs, Tuesday morning out running errands and paying bills I stopped off at Anthony Quinn Bay, it’s great to have these places all to ourselves…

Atlantis Taverna on Lardos beach

Wednesday was getting back to doing more exercise, the morning started with Tai Chi on the beach followed by callenetics in the taverna. Then with spring fully here the rest of the day was spent gardening,  it’s been great to get outdoors again now a bit of warmth has returned.

spring blossom on an almond tree
pork chop and seasonal salad

This week has also seen me get back to eating properly. The cold winter months saw me eating badly and not exercising enough. With the weather improved there were no excuses the dog got walked more and I prepared healthy food.

The spring blossom on the almond trees in the village are stunning again this year so I snapped them on Thursday.

Lent starts next week which is supposed to mean that we cut out meat and many other things from our diets. It also meant that the butcher had a great offer on pork chops for my supper on Friday. With lots of wonderful fresh vegetables grown around us it’s a great time to get back to eating locally produced that isn’t highly processed. Yes it costs a little more but how much is our health worth?

carnival costumes 1974 Chudleigh Devon
flowers on Kalathos beach

Yesterday was a day spent doing some more spring cleaning and more walking of the dog.

My picture was inspired by the carnival events happening across Greece this week and it reminded me of the wonderful ones I took part in as a child. We lived in Chudleigh, Devon for my younger years and I remember the whole family getting involved in making sure we had great costumes. This was taken in 1974 I was the ‘doll in the box’ and my sister ‘Turkish delight’. I remember she wasn’t too happy about the walk and had to be bribed with the treat of Turkish delight at the end.

The day ended with a walk on the beach with Apollo. Each year we’ve been here Spring has really impressed me, after the years spent living in the desert it’s easy to forget how beautiful the different seasons can be, now I appreciate them all the more too. Even the beach gets a little colour and flower something the tourists never see.

Now it’s time for me to head off and enjoy the village carnival…

What’s been happening in your world this week? If you enjoyed this post and found in useful please comment and share and I’ll do another one next week.

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