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After the storms of last week, this one has been wall to wall sunshine. A little chilly at times with a cold north wind but beautiful. It’s been a good week to get out and get things done, around the house in the garden and in general. Some of you may notice a little different advertising on the blog this week. I’ve joined up with , for those who feel like escaping and coming here, if you follow that link it will give you a list of places to stay on Rhodes for a week from this Friday. The affiliate link works simply, if you follow the link and book something I will get a small commission to help keep the blog going but you will still pay the same price as before. Monday was my new routine of callanetics in the morning then getting stuff done around here in the afternoon. With a very cold wind the group didn’t meet on the beach this week for Tai Chi. Some of you may follow me on Instagram, but if you don’t on Monday I shared a sunny picture of Lindos. This then lead to a request from a fellow Instagrammer for a picture with a love note. I was more than happy to help out. Tuesday I headed up the island to run some errands, the second day of sunshine brought an amazing display of flowers. Either side of the road under the olive trees was a riot of yellow, the colours were so bright you needed sunglasses to look at them. I took the yellow pictures alongside the old road from Massari toward Kalathos that goes over the Italian bridge. The poppies were at the side of the road next to the Flevaris supermarket in Kalathos. This time of year the hills and valleys look amazing, it’s a shame most of the summer tourists don’t get to see the island at what I feel is it’s best.
Monday helping out an Instagrammer
 wild spring flowers in Rhodes
 wild spring flowers in Rhodes
 wild spring flowers in Rhodes
Wednesday was callenetics once more, working on a writing project and a creative one. Last year I rescued 4 old rusty olive tins from next to a bin in the village, the first part of their transformation was to cut the tops off. Which a friend in Gennadi with a jigsaw did for me on Wednesday afternoon. After last week’s very stormy pictures at Kiotari I drove back along the beach road and caught a fisherman returning home late afternoon. Thursday, while I was transforming the olive tin a bit more with some paint in Lindos, the cats were making the most of the sunshine at home. The tin is still a work in progress I’ll share with you when it’s finished.
a fisherman coming in Kiotari
cats sleeping
Friday brought more sunshine and my usual meet up with the guitar group down in Gennadi. Then on to Pefkos to the Pefki Irish bar to join in the St. Patrick’s day celebrations. Ending the day with a walk on the beach with Apollo. We hadn’t been down to Glystra since the storms and either the sand has moved a lot, the stones have moved or there was a strange low tide. Each year the beaches seem to take on slightly new shapes and on the smaller sandy beaches they can be quiet dramatic changes. Saturday morning started getting the house cleaned and then we headed to the winter camp at Istrios, Apollo loved being amongst lots of friendly people and dogs. The place had a wonderful atmosphere another year we will definitely have to get more organised and camp. I enjoyed the afternoon soaking up the atmosphere and sharing a flask of coffee with friends. I’ll share some pictures of the camp on a separate post soon. We headed down out of the hills and just got back in time to catch the last of the sun setting on Pefkos Today we’ve been up in the hills in Laerma at the annual olive festival, I’ve taken lots of pictures and will post about it separately soon. That’s as soon as the computer and phone decide to behave themselves, Apple has done an update and it all seems a bit messed up this evening. My Monday morning looks like it will be spent trying to work out where things have gone. Why can’t they just leave things alone when they work just fine?
walking Apollo on Glystra beach March 2017
sunset on pefkos march 2017

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Here’s an extra image for the week, there are lots of beautiful little churches all around Greece and this island. This Friday the one in Pefkos was looking extra special with the daisies surrounding it. The church of St. Nektarios holds a special place in our lives as we got married outside here and my husband who is in Lagos right now will begin his journey back to the island on Tuesday evening. This one is for him. Much of the last couple of blog posts have ended up being concerned with our weather, so I’ll end this week with a bit more. For those who are coming out here this week the cold wind is forecast to drop and temperatures should reach around 20C.
pefkos church march 2017
What’s been happening in your part of the world this week? If you enjoyed this, please share and comment and I’ll keep on sharing with you. Thank you.

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