This week my Sunday photo is a pair of child’s shoes.

child's shoes at the refugee camp

photo by Chris Watts@Gallery Photography

These were left on the window ledge at the refugee reception centre in Rhodes. When they move on from here they can only take what they can carry in a small rucksack. They choose a pair of shoes to wear and hope that they will last for the rest of their journey.

These will go into a small storeroom at the centre along with the small soft toy. Another item they just couldn’t carry this time. How many possessions have they left in different places? When will this child be able to lay it’s head down in safety and know that they are home? When will they be able to return home?

On Monday this picture was taken for Helping Hands of Rhodes by Christ Watts at Gallery Photography  who gave his time and expertise to help. If you can help in anyway then get in touch with Helping Hands or any of these other charities working on the islands in the Dodecanese:

Solidarity Symi

Kos Kindness

Help for Refugees in Molyvos

If you know of any other groups that are working on the islands at the moment let me know and I’ll add them.

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