My Sunday photo this week had to be one of my mum. She’s the one who has always hidden behind the camera. Or just to one side out of the way. She has never enjoyed having her picture taken.

Mum in the garden in March with Impi cat asleep on her knee

a rare picture of my mum

I have many friends who are the same, there are always lots of pictures of their children but they are never in the frame.

Searching for the picture too a while too, this one was taken in March this year. It’s not a perfect picture but it is one of my mum.

My Sunday photo is normally taken during that week, but with mum not well I wanted to show just how much we all appreciate her. I’m warning you now mum there will be lots more taken very soon.

We’ve always made a point over the years living as expats to take a picture for mum. Often badly taken with a timer on the camera, angled on a rock. But a picture of the 2 of us for our families.

Well mothers now we want pictures of you. On your own or with the family. We don’t care if your hair isn’t perfect ours never is either. We don’t care what you’re wearing we just see you the mothers we love.

It doesn’t matter how good the picture is or to be honest if you like the picture. We just want to have pictures of you. I’m calling out now to all the mothers I know, get in front of that camera and make some memories.

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