For #MySundayPhoto the decision was a hard one again this week.

An old friend from Uni has been over for a week on holiday. It’s given me the chance to be a tourist. A chance to take all those pictures of blue seas, swimming pools, umbrellas and white houses.

I decided though to go with this:

Abandoned buildin Eleousa Rhodes

A beautiful relic

In the village of Eleousa in the mountains, these buildings have been left abandoned since the end of the Italian era on the island during WWII.

Simply left open to the elements, the Greek weather has been relatively kind to them. This one is my favourites.

Derelict buildings have a story to tell and hold so much promise. This is a place I’d love to turn into a small hotel. In my head I can already see it finished, the bedrooms with ensuites, the taverna and even the reception area.

Now I just need someone with lots of money to come along and want to be a silent partner!

As with all dreams it’s completely unrealistic but I still enjoy the dream anyway. Do you have somewhere you dream about?

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