This week has been another week of waiting for the politicians to make decisions about the future of Greece.

For me it’s been a busy blogging week, I got my cooking head back on despite the kitchen being over 30C without the oven on, creating  Greek Stuffed Eggplant Recipe ‘Melitzanes Papoutsakia’ and Spicy Tomato Jam. A great way to preserve tomatoes and a lot healthier than tomato sauce. As it’s going down quite quickly in this house I think I’ll be making more soon.

I was challenged by a author Yvonne Payne to do a quote a day for 3 days, that was a fun and very different way to think about the world around us. Day 1 was inspired by the Greek situation and Day 2 by a Greek philosopher, I will see what today brings.

Yesterday I finished my opinion piece for this week, with the help of some other expats telling their stories of Living with the Banks Closed in Greece. The Greeks are a resilient proud nation and we as expats are honoured to be a part of life here.

My travel piece this week Wandering Alley Ways – New Town, Rhodes, Greece had so many great images, I had to go with one of those for my Sunday photo:


oxi graffiti Rhodes greece next to a bicycle flowers and fountain

My Sunday Photo

For me this captures the essence of what is happening in Greece today. This is in an alley way, not staged at all by me with no filters or enhancements. The whole thing is just as we found it. The whole reason they voted OXI it’s about living not just surviving.

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