This Sunday I’ve decided to go with the newest addition to the family. Apollo the dog we found malnourished and  in a terrible state wandering on a beach just before new year.

Apollo on the beach

Apollo this week

He’s had lots of good food and exercise, plus of several courses of antibiotics. When we found him his back end was collapsing and there was no fur at all underneath his body. In fact he was in such a sorry state we thought he needed to be put down.

Apollo going into the sea

his face looked very sad when we found him

Originally we were just going to foster him, he was going to be re-homed to a German Shepherd rescue centre. I had fostered before and was prepared to send him away. Some animals do have a way of getting under your skin.

Apollo in his first makeshift kennel

his first make-shift kennel thanks to my dad

It’s nearly 6 months now and he’s got a great big kennel out back. He’s not 100% yet with skin problems that are still ongoing we thought that swimming in the sea would help him out.

So a few times a week now we head to an area where the tourists don’t go and we all get to cool down. Though you do have to watch out when a 42kg  dog decides he going to use you as a life raft.

He’s a big dog and a lot to look after on a permanent basis but so gentle and loving. We think he’s about 8 years old. Though at times he behaves like a much younger dog. At first he didn’t know how to play, he didn’t know what a toy was, he didn’t know what cuddles were. Now he loves his toys and goes everywhere with one them.

From the beginning he was just happy to see us, happy to have food and company. And very happy to get in the car. In fact at first it was hard to get him out of the car. There have been times when I’ve had to try and stop him getting in the back while I’m also trying to get the shopping out.

We assume he was probably dumped from a car when he was abandoned and maybe more than once. Now when we head back to the car from the beach he always gets there first. If the door isn’t opened quickly there’s a panicked look on his face. Desperate to be in there and coming home with us.

He’s such a friendly and good natured dog. He’s made friends with other dogs in the village and loves his walks. He appears quite often in my daily instagram pics.Though the cats are still not convinced he such a good idea.

I wonder what happened to him in the past, where he was and why he was abandoned. If only he could talk.

There are so many animals that need rescuing out there. We have now got a full house. But if you want to add an animal to your house, think about a getting a one that needs a loving home.



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