This week’s picture I took early this morning in our garden. The tree is a relative of the acer family called Albizia Julibrissin or ‘Tropical Dream’:

Albizzia julibrissin 'Tropical Dream'

Albizzia julibrissin ‘Tropical Dream’

We planted the tree last spring and this week it flowered for the first time. It will flower now for the summer in theory. I did a little research and didn’t expect the trees to come from South Korea and I have no idea how so many of them have ended up being planted on this Greek island?

It does create wonderful dappled shade which with our climate we certainly need. The leaves of the tree are like a fern and close up at night. As a result I found out it’s also known as the ‘Sleeping Tree’. If you’re interested in getting one I also found it called the ‘Powder Puff Tree’ and ‘Silk Tree’.

We would love to plant more trees. Have you found any interesting ones where you are?

Where ever you are have a great Sunday. If you’re in Greece at the moment keep cool in this heatwave and good luck to Ben and Gaynor who will do their challenge walk on the island starting tomorrow you can find out more about that here 🙂

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