My Sunday photo this week is from the garden:

Caterpillar on parsley plant

A colourful caterpillar

At the moment my favourite time of day is just before the sun sets. After the heat it’s finally cool enough to potter in the garden.

This is when I water the garden and check on the plants. Pick the vegetables and dead head the roses.

Yesterday I finally found the colourful critter that’s been making the parsley disappear.

It’s been a busy week here. It Started with acting as support to Ben and Gaynor doing their Mandraki to Prassonisi challenge walk. And ended catching up with good friends who are visiting.

No matter what this week brings I’ll still enjoy time in the garden. And with the V.A.T. absurdity over herbs I’ll be watching out for critters carefully!

Where ever you are have a great Sunday. Watch out for critters and good luck to British curriculum students who get their “A” and “AS” level results this week.

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