This week has been a difficult one for the country we are now living in. Greece is on a precipice one that is being debated hourly in the coffee shops and tavernas of every village.

The question of being in or out of the Euro is not one for me to answer. That is for the the Greek people at the referendum next Sunday and the politicians they have democratically elected.

Whatever happens we will still live here, enjoy the local hospitality, great weather, delicious food and continue to explore the islands around us.

I was tempted to use an image of the Greek flag and beautiful blue waters we all associate with the country.

Ironically the post itself is my most popular so far, if you were questioning booking a holiday to Greece this summer then read this ‘my travel advice for Greece this summer‘.

Greek flag flying on the back of the ferry leaving Symi Island, Greece

Taken on a trip to Symi with the colourful buildings behind.

Taken on a trip to Symi with the colourful buildings behind.

Instead I went for something simpler. The small harbour in the village of Stegna.

stegna harbour rhodes

a simple harbour

This for me is represents the simple life that will continue to flourish here. We drove here for lunch the other day, ate fresh fish that had been caught from these boats. Went for a walk around the village and finished with a swim off this beach.

two umbrellas on the beach at Stegna, Rhodes

what more could you want?

If you want to help the Greek people the best thing you can do is continue to come on your holiday. Why wouldn’t you when it’s this beautiful.

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