my travel advice for Greece this summerToday is yet another sunny day on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. It’s also another crunch day for the economic situation in the country. According to the British press:

Greece travel alert: Foreign Office to review advice & warns tourists to prepare for worst: The Express


Warnings for holidaymakers as Greece heads for euro exit
Foreign Office prepares new advice as travellers to Greece face the prospect limits on cash withdrawals and protests against austerity: The Telegraph

Even the Scottish don’t want you to come here.

Holidaymakers warned against independent travel to Greece as default looms: The Herald

Is this really the case? Well of course not. In fact the advice given out by the Foreign Office hasn’t changed much since 2012.

So here’s my travel advice for Greece this summer:

  1. Remember your passport, they won’t let you out of the UK without it.Glystra beach Rhodes, Greece
  2. Make sure you have actually booked a flight and get the day right.Super Yacht Mayan Queen
  3. Bring money with you (just as you always do by getting your euros from the post office as they give you the best rate and just in case you spend it all have a credit or debit card handy)Euros
  4. Buy your sunscreen in the UK where it’s much cheaper with 2 for 1 deals and remember this is Greek sun so go for factor 30 the lobster look is not attractive.Kantina on the road between Lardos and Glyrstra
  5. Get some decent sunglasses with UV protection, your eyes will need help coping with the bright light when you step off the plane.Rhodes harbour
  6. Don’t bring a hat as you’re sure to buy another when you wander around the tourist resorts and ancient monuments.View from Haraki towards Lindos
  7. You’ll have to have a towel to reserve your sun-bed, it’s really only the British that do that. Many people leave their towels behind for the animal charities so why not buy one with a Greek flag on when you get here.Sunbeds on the beach at Glystra
  8. It’s hot and sunny therefore there will be mosquitoes, get some repellent or save your luggage allowance and get stuff here that actually works on the Greek mozzies.Octopus hanging up at Antonios, Gennadi, Rhodes
  9. That clear blue sea and all the swimming pools may entice you in, you’ll need something to wear. There are lots of shops in the resorts selling swimming costumes, bikinis and shorts. But if you want budgie smugglers you’ll have to bring your own.Swimming pool at Eleni, Pefkos
  10. There’s wonderful Greek food with tomatoes that taste great, the best olive oil in the world and salty feta cheese. If you think you’ll miss your favourite cup of tea, fish & chips or bacon sandwich don’t worry there’s plenty of those available, you can get a great English breakfast in places like Oasis in Pefkos, he even has HP sauce or Heinz tomato.Dakos Salad at Eleni, Pefkos, Rhodes

Follow this advice and you’ll soon be smiling with an ouzo in your hand. Ouzo, in the right quantities, improves brain function and deletes any memory of the British media or European politicians’ scaremongering (according to tests carried out by my husband).

How will you cope in Greece this summer?


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