old man in his mechanical donkey

a mechanical donkey…

Sometimes there are moments that are captured on camera that really tell story. I regularly see this man driving his handmade contraption around the village roads and in the hills. Often his wife is sat by his side, they are always smiling and greet everyone with a wave as they pass.

It’s not a perfect picture. The light and shade were all wrong. For me though it’s the story that it tells. The sight of these contraptions being driven around the island is very rare. All of them being driven by very elderly men. They represent a piece of the history of this island and of Greece itself. Appearing to be made from bits and pieces, probably built by the men who drive them, they were an early replacement for the donkey.

This though is also a sight that is disappearing. It seems to be the last of these mechanical donkeys in our village and in all probability this one will disappear when the owner does. The next generation have old pickup trucks.

Taken last Sunday on my morning dog walk, it doesn’t go very fast, most children would overtake it on a bike. It fits in so well with the ideal of a life lived slowly. We could all do with slowing down a little more in our lives and could learn a lot from many of the traditions in places like Greece.

We often look at traditions and don’t want things to change. Progress will happen and the tractors and pickups will take over. This Sunday I’m going to be at a fundraiser in Asklipio and a walnut festival in Dimilia and will take it slower. Where ever you are this Sunday slow down a little, take in the world around you and enjoy your day.

What would a moment of history look like where you live? If you enjoyed this post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you.
The images in this post were taken with my iPhone 6 and edited with snapseed. The best camera is the one in your pocket.

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