pancratium maritinmum sand lily sea daffodil

Nature is always impressive and never fails to surprise me with it’s beauty and strength. This week was no exception, with the first rains of autumn there are signs of spring like growth all over the island.

These flowers are the exception, they appear between August and September in many place across the region, on this island I’ve seen swathes of them each year along the long stretch of Afandou beach. This week they were there again.

Known as the sand lily or sea daffodil but officially called pancratium maritime they thrive in the well draining sand and dunes that edge the beach front. Threatened by the spread of tourism these are a gentle reminder that nature is still fighting.

A perennial plant that spreads it’s black coal like seeds into the winds in hope they’ll find a good spot to germinate and become beautiful white flowers. They are even thought to spread by the sea to different beaches and wait dormant for the perfect conditions before turning into bulbs and these stunning star like flowers. It’s also heavy scented and attracts the hawk moth for pollination.

If you see them think of their journey to get there and please don’t pick them, let them set seed and spread their beauty further. Many of us have a camera on our phones and can capture nature today without disturbing or destroying it.

There are some strange names that man has given to plants and animals over the years. What would you call these, sand lilies or sea daffodils? or something else?

I’ve got a busy week ahead planned with lots of stuff to make for the first GCWS Rhodes fundraiser of the autumn in Asklipio next Sunday  morning followed by the walnut festival in Dimilia in the afternoon. I hope you have a good week where ever you are in the world.

The images in this post were taken with my iPhone 6 and edited with snapseed and the size reduced for the web with fotor.

Have you seen any wildflowers recently? If you enjoyed this post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you

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