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Are you looking forward to the year ahead?

Today is Epiphany traditionally celebrated across Greece as a feast day and a day when the priest blesses the waters and young men dive into icy cold water to recover a cross.

The victor will receive good luck and health for the year ahead. I’ve seen the ceremony performed in several different villages on the island but this year the winter storm meant there was no diving into the sea. The blessing was made but the font was used instead of risking life and limb.

Epiphany also marks the end of Christmas and the festival of light. This is the time when many look over the year past and forward to the one ahead. With reflections and resolutions the main theme of the past week on social media it’s my turn to join in.

Epiphany 2016 in Lardos

Epiphany last year

The new year for us all is a time of new beginnings. Starting diets, new diaries and planners. We promise to become more and better than we are. Drink less, exercise more, avoid sugar and processed foods. They are all things that at one time or another I’ve said. This year my epiphany is slightly different. There is no resolution to do something different.

I may well eat a bit healthier for the next few weeks as like many I’m a little full after enjoying Christmas. But I’m not going to make a promise I know will be broken far too quickly. I’m not going to set myself up to lose. I know what I need to eat and how much I need to exercise, I can see in the mirror and know there’s a long road ahead if I’m ever to look like the ideals society insists on.

That’s why I’m not going to bother aiming for that. I’m not going to get on the scales every week, I’m not going to measure myself every week, I’m not going to become obsessed over every bite of food that goes into my mouth.

I already cook good, healthy food from scratch and share many of my recipes on the blog. I just need to cut down a little more and get moving a little more. I’ll cut out the naughty carbs again and walk the dog a little further. I’m not taking up running or heading to an overpriced gym.

Have you found a way to beat the diet industry?

waves breaking on Lardos port

The waves today breaking over the port where I stood to take the picture last year, does this mean we are in for a stormy year ahead?

Often over the years of writing the blog I’ve made promises to be more consistent. Blog more often, every day, every week, different types of posts on different days. Somehow for me the timetable just ends not working.

Half the joy is writing about things I’ve enjoyed, taking pictures of moments that have been fun. Sharing and commenting on things that really matter to me in the world around us, when I’m fired up about them not just because it’s Wednesday and I have to.

Instead I will continue to be a little unpredictable, the blog will continue to develop, I’ve got lots of posts about Greece coming up, plenty more recipes and a few more opinion pieces too. I don’t know where the year will take us yet but I’ll enjoy sharing the journey with you.

How do you manage to stick to a publishing schedule and keep motivated?

bullet journal weekly plan

my simple weekly planning

At the end of last year I finally gave in and started a planning journal. Not just for the blog but life in general too. Having looked around I didn’t like the planners on sale and I’ve tried different electronic note and organisation apps that really didn’t work. I just ended up with lists that had lists all over the place.

The fog that comes with the menopause means I need to write it down, but the way of writing just wasn’t working. Then in September I discovered the Bullet Journal method, simple yet effective use of pen and paper, the teacher in me loves it and our life really is better organised.

Rather than starting a new journal I’m continuing with the one I now have, there will be new notebooks to fill the leather binder I’ve made and a few new pens at some point. For me the planning year started in September when I needed it to, not when the Julian Calendar created in 1583 by a Frenchman decides it’s time.

How do you plan your life and do you have a system that really works?

christmas decorations

already missing the decorations that hung above the table this year

The Christmas decorations have come down and the holiday is officially over. Winter is a time of pj’s by the fire watching back to back movies. Many will be heading back to work on Monday and I hope those travelling back this weekend have a safe and enjoyable journey.

For us the weekend begins with a bbq for a friends name day and birthday today, and a vague plan to visit some of the seasonal attractions around here before they close down. All of which depend heavily on the weather, which much like our lives, is very unpredictable and a little stormy at the moment.

Next week it’s back to routine and some of that does and will include the blog, I’m just not promising which day things will happen on yet. The year ahead will be what it is, for me this will be one of no resolutions, no diet, no deadlines, just life.

Have you made any resolutions this year? What will your year look like? If you enjoyed this post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you

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