Afandou Golf course

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Due out next year, Swing Away, filmed on Rhodes, is a coming of age, Greek golf comedy. It’s the brainchild of Greek American  film producer and entertainment lawyer George Stephanopoulos. I was fortunate to spend 4 days on the set at the Afandou golf course, chaperoning a friends daughter who was cast as an extra in the movie.

I’ve never been on a movie set before so had no idea what to expect. The club house got a make over for the filming, a coat of paint and a new name in polystyrene letter.

Afandou Golf Club with the sign Colossus Golf Club

Afandou Golf Club

I was very much in awe of the process of the production and the equipment used.

The camera was so much smaller that I expected. The vehicle they used for filming was an old Citroen Mahari. I have no idea where they got it from but I want one, it would be great for touring the island in.

All of the crew where fun to hang around with as I sat in the background watching. There’s a lot of waiting around on a film set. This gave the cast a crew chance to relax, learn a bit of golf and mess about.

There’s the old saying of not working with children and animals, here they managed both. The kids on set had fun, but it was hard work for them in the sun. The introduction of goats onto set was an amusement for all and a chance for John O’Hurley to have some fun. I’m not sure how to link to it, but if you’ve got an Instragram account find the video of John O’Hurley.

Filming was tiring for everyone involved, many were caught out napping. Manos Gavros seemed to have more pics than most appear on Instagram.

The plot of any movie is not obvious from being on set. I was watching from afar and they don’t film in sequence. This was 4 days in one location. The other locations on the island were in Lindos and Archangelos.  .

The cast and crew were all good fun to be around, there was a very friendly atmosphere throughout. I had no idea who the ‘stars’ were at first, and had to as my friends daughter and google them. I don’t think they were very impressed by me!

It will be interesting to see what the film is like when it comes out next year. I believe they are going to come back to Rhodes for a première. If you want to find out more follow their Facebook page.

the cast hanging out on the set of swing away

This was a different experience but then you never know what’s going to happen when you live on a Greek island. As they left to finishing filming in the states a French production started filming on the island. Maybe we’ll see more in the future?








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