Today started out very wet, the rain finally arrived overnight and has continued on and off all day. It was a good excuse to stay at the computer and catch up on emails and paperwork. Some of you know before coming here I was a teacher and tomorrow I start my annual marking of external exams for the IBDP.

Once the paperwork was done the skies cleared and with dinner in the crockpot I headed out in the car with Apollo. We needed pictures of people for todays prompt. With the village quiet on our walk earlier I hoped the afternoon might find a few people flying kites.

First we went to our normal beach for a run around. Kalathos was completely empty.

Apollo running on Kalathos beach march 15 2016

Apollo having a run

Kalathos beach towards Haraki march 15 2016

looking toward Haraki

As usual by the third throw Apollo retrieved the toy and headed straight back to the car. As the weather seemed to be holding out I headed over towards Haraki. I took the turning at the Massari roundabout to check out the beach first. Luckily a family had the same idea as me and had just arrived and were trying to get their kite going.

Today was clean Monday in Greece and the start of Lent. One of the traditions around Greece is to fly kites today. It was great to see this family getting theirs to fly. Apollo had other ideas though. After retrieving the toy once he went back to the car. Although not raining it was windy and he didn’t seem too impressed.

Next I drove around to the end of Haraki bay, there was one small family flying a kite but most people were inside keeping warm and dry. The weather it seemed was not going to help me get pictures of people today.

There was only one place left that I knew there would be people no matter what the weather was like. I headed to Archangelos.

Family flying kites

people at last

flying a kite march 15 2016

The kite did fly

In the town of Archangelos they have a very unique way of celebrating clean Monday. They black their faces with soot, dress up mainly as zombie types and have a brilliant street party. This was early afternoon as they were all making their way to the centre.

It’s a town with lots of bars and cafes and today every single one had the biggest loudest speakers they could get hold of on the street pumping out music. BBQ’s were cooking up squid and the gypsies were selling balloons and flashing sticks. There’s really old battered cars turned into dance platforms and barrels of rubbish burning in the street.

If you’re face is clean someone will come along and blacken it for you. Don’t go along wearing your best clothes. Part of me wanted to dress up and join in today, but it’s something you need to do with a group of friends. With D away and no-one else I knew from our area going I decided not to join in this year.

people on clean monday in Archangelos

Clean Monday Archangelos pic of the day

Instead of heading straight home from Archangelos I decided to take the scenic route. The weather and national holiday meant that it was eerily quiet everywhere I went. Each village seemed almost abandoned to the zombies of Archangelos. Getting pictures of people was a real challenge today.

Reaching the beach in Pefkos I was surprised to the see the surf up as it had been so calm in Haraki.

In the distance there was a storm approaching so it was time to head back. Stopping for a short visit with my parents in Lardos on the way.

Maybe next year we’ll do clean Monday and the sun will shine. I returned home to dinner in the crock pot. I don’t know why it took me so many years to discover crock pot cooking. It’s cooking with very little effort and there’s lots of left overs for several more days. I tend to just throw things in and hope for the best, but then forget to write down the recipe when it works. This one I will write down, whole roast chicken with a peppery rosemary lemon rub.

From tomorrow I’m going to have to be disciplined with my time if i’m going to get everything done over the next few weeks. There’s marking to do, chutneys and jams to make, the spring garden clean up to finish off and the house to spring clean. Less time being distracted by Facebook will be needed, it’s too easy to lose a day on there! I wonder where everyone did go today, or where they all just recovering from carnival yesterday?

I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?

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