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quote by Pythagoras

After doing three days of quotes last week I’ve decided to have a go at doing a regular quote post. This week I’m taking inspiration from Pythagoras.

I’ve been lucky to travel lots with my best friend and husband. Last week took us to the Greek island of Samos and the birthplace of Pythagoras. On the harbour in Pythagorion (once called Tigani but re-named in his honour) stands a statue to the Greek philosopher, musician and mathematician.

We were all taught his theory at school but I never thought much about Pythagoras the person. It is said that he travelled a lot through Syria, Turkey and Egypt and set up his school in Italy. So it’s fitting that some of his philosophy in life was based on travel.

This week will see my travel companion heading off once more back to work in Africa. We will travel again next time he’s home but our journey in life will continue and my road will always be happier with him on it.

Enjoy your travels.

You can find out more about our Trip to Samos here:




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