Inspiration for my quote this week comes from people facing challenges. After all life is about challenges, and with the right mindset we can go out and achieve anything we really want to in life.

what the mind believes the body achieves

The quote is used on the page of The Steve Prescott Foundation. This week sees a British couple Ben and Gaynor walking 108 km or 67 miles from one end of Rhodes island to the other. They are raising money for the foundation with this extreme walking challenge in temperatures reaching 40c in the shade, you can read more about their walk here.

Having researched around the quote seems to originate from an author in American in the 1930’s Napoleon Hill. He wrote self-help motivational books and is thought be one of the first. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is still a best seller today on Amazon.

This is a clip of him explaining his belief.

The idea of positive thinking is as old as the hills. We all know that if we believe we can overcome an obstacle then we usually manage it. Though no amount of thought will turn the thermometer down during this heatwave, it will get me out walking with the dog and improving my fitness in spite of the heat.

I also know that if at any time I’m negative about something then that will often be the outcome. I thought that stopping smoking was something other people did. That I would never give up. That was nearly 3 years ago and looking back now it really was easier than I my own mind had made it out to be.

Whether it’s getting on with challenges of the everyday or doing something a bit more extreme we can all aim to do it  with a mind that conceives, believes and then we will achieve.

I never knew that fracturing my leg would then give me time to think and as a result get back to blogging in March this year.

I set myself a goal a while ago now to complete 100 days of creativity. As it has already changed from 100 consecutive days and as I’m only up to day 34 this week I’m challenging myself to get the next 66 planned. I want this completed before the end of 2015. That’s going to be 4 creative things a week and 4 blog posts.

What challenges will you face this week?

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