My inspiration this week comes from friendship.

when you sit back down with a coffee or a beer those years apart just disappear

True Friends

In today’s society we are all moving around to find jobs and improve our lives or homes. Some like us become expats, others move within their own country.

It’s easy to lose touch, we move on, become different people in different places. Thanks to social media we can communicate and keep in touch  in ways that mean those friendships continue, without waiting weeks for a letter.

As a child we moved a lot within the UK, each move was a long distance and involved new schools and new friends. Then my parents settled down for a while, I left school joined the RAF and started my own travels.

For those of us that moved before Facebook, Skype, smart phones or even the internet, it’s been a way to reconnect. I know how they are doing, get to see pictures of their children join in the happy and sad times, share silly stories and silly quotes.

This week I was able to reconnect with an old school friend I haven’t seen for nearly 30 years. It really doesn’t seem that long since I left TWGGS.  Of course we’ve both changed in that time, but we chatted, laughed and hugged like those years really didn’t matter. We’re both still school girls at heart!

I find music inspiringsweded, but it also reminds me of a time and place. This was the song of that summer and I still know all the words:

Last month an old university friend came on holiday for a week. We caught up on the gossip about the group we knew, swam, sunbathed and did a little sight seeing. It certainly didn’t seem like almost 10 years since we’d last met.

I went to university in my 30’s so the music was very different, this was the hit of that summer before I became an expat:

The expat world is one where people are constantly coming and going. The majority of those we meet are friends for the moment, people we will never see or hear from again. But there are some will stay in touch with for the rest of our lives.

As we now live in such a beautiful place maybe a few more old friends will come visiting. Last year my husband caught up with an old army friend. Some friendships are strong enough that you can go years without seeing each other or speaking, but when you sit back down with a coffee or a beer those years apart just disappear.

I wonder who will visit next? Have you met up with old friends, did it work out well? What was the anthem the summer you left school?

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