We often see images of animals that need new homes, but where do they end up and who are the people that rescue them? This is the 4th in a series highlighting the people who care. Those who help very rarely step forward or put their faces out there. Many are embarrassed to tell their stories as they don’t do it for admiration or praise but simply because they care.

Hopefully by telling their stories a few more people will think of rescuing an animal and others may become more responsible owners and have their animals neutered.

Ray and Margo are British expats now living in Masari, this is their story.

How they ended up on Rhodes:

I am from Newcastle and Margo is from Glasgow. We came here in 2011 on holiday to stay with my cousin who lives in Archipoli. Whilst here I asked Margo to marry me and we got married in St Paul’s Bay a year later. At the same time I said to Margo, “do you fancy coming here to live?”

It took her about a second to say, “try and stop me?”

So 3 years ago on the 1st of March we moved to Massari and have not looked back.

ray and margo weddiing lindos

Their Lindos wedding in 2012

When we came here we had no intention of having animals. We called into the Pylona Arms one day 2 years ago and this gorgeous Golden Retriever was there. Carol the landlady asked us if we could could take the dog. But knowing that our landlord had said no pets it wasn’t possible.

While we were there everyone asked Margo, if you could take her, what would you call her? Margo said Goldie straight away. So they named her Goldie.

Margo and I went to Australia and Bali to see one of her daughters. While we were away I went on Facebook and saw Carol asking for a home for her. I instantly messaged my landlady and she said yes we could have a pet. When Margo came back from shopping in Bali, I gave her the good news, you’ve got Goldie when we get home.

Ray and Margo's dog Goldie


Xenos (In Greek ξένος is a guest, host, stranger and friend or guest friend.)

We got invited to a friends house in Massari for the evening. Just before we were leaving their house Margo found a black dog outside the gate.

The obvious question from Margo was, “who’s dog is this?”

“Never seen it before was the answer.”

Margo looked at me and I said “no way, we already have Goldie, we have done our bit.”
Margo put the dog down, I thought that was it and we went home shortly afterwards. We walked home opened our gates and greeted Goldie.

As I opened our door, Margo shouted “Ray, Look!” I looked and out of her shoulder bag popped the black pup. What could I say? Well, many things, but I didn’t as Goldie mothered him instantly and I was amazed.

The problem we had was Margo was leaving within days to sort problems with tenants in her house in Glasgow, so I was left with the pup. I was also going back to see my Father at the beginning of May so time was against us. I went onto Facebook and all the charity dog shelters on Rhodes were full.

I was on a Facebook page called Haraki and posted for help. I lady called Alison Brady from Glasgow who was a friend through Facebook who I had never met told me to contact a Tammy Politi on Rhodes. I did so and between Alison and Tammy it exploded. Alison was raising funds in Glasgow and Tammy was amazing on Rhodes (She is the best on Rhodes)

Suddenly a friend of Alison’s had seen my post and said she would take him. Margo’s daughter then named him Xenos. Alison’s friend Deborah Keeping and her partner Ian Walker said they would take him, but they lived in Narbonne in the south of France.

Between me Alison and Tammy we sorted it with passports, vets etc, and I even got to take him to the airport which was very emotional.

A year later Margo and I toured Italy and France on our motor bike and met with Alison Brady who set it all off for Xenos and also we had the amazing meet with Xenos and his new owners Ian and Deborah.

goldie and xenos

Goldie looking after Xenos

xenos at the airport

saying goodbye



meeting Xenos in Italy

meeting Xenos in France

Meeting up in France

meeting up with Alison Brady in France and Xenos’s new owners Ian and Deborah

Thank you Ray and Margo for sharing your story with us.

There are so many good people who really care for the animals in their lives. If you see an animal on the street in Greece don’t always assume it’s a stray.

In this village the main way to walk a small dog is simply to open your gate and let him go and play with his other dog friends. They meet up in the village street, chase cats and have fun. 

Often at least one dog will be laying in the road in the shade of a tree. He doesn’t move when a car comes along everyone simply drives around him. After all it’s his village too.

If you’ve know someone who’s story should be told let me know?

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